Kombucha Research, the FDA, CDC, TTB and others

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The safety of Kombucha is often challenged and there are many horror stories on the internet.  Yet there are also many miraculous stories of the benefit of this tea as well. 

Personally I believe the fear that many habor of kombucha is focused on the kombucha brew's ugliness. Sad but often true. Though a good brew should be actually very beautiful and intriguing many brews fall short - ugly but producing beautiful healthy tea. 


Kombucha CDC + FDA

If you heard about the death of the two Iowa women who's death was linked to Kombucha fear not. Both the CDC and the FDA did a complete investigation and found absolutely no pathogens, or toxin producing organisms nor any link to the woman's demise attributable to drinking even the sour Kombucha Tea.


Do you think there's enough alcohol in my Kefir (or Ginger Beer, or Kombucha) to get me a drunk driving charge ?

       Well, it happened to one unfortunate driving in Germany who got pulled over. And in California Lucy Lohan got pulled over after drinking a few bottles of commercially brewed Kombucha Tea. 


Kombucha Brewing under the FDA ...

For those Kombucha Brewers who are thinking of selling their elixir to farmer markets, Whole Foods, and other opportunities I recommend reading  Brian Nummer, a professor of food services at Utah State who wrote a easy to follow guideline for preparing Kombucha Tea. 



Kombucha Cautions and Safe Brewing tips...

There's also my article which I of course recommend everyone read. Especially for pregnant, and nursing mothers, and children under 4 years of age - I don't recommend kombucha Tea for them. Here's why


Cornell Food Science Study

Cornell University did a super study on the safety of kombucha tea and helped establish some safe brewing standards and expectations. 


Analysis of Kombucha

I collected Analysis of Kombucha Ferment to help folks get a glimpse of what is in Kombucha Tea. Fermenting Kombucha Tea at home is more of an Art than Science. Side by side batches often perplexingly vary. One wonders why aren't they all the same? Hopefully the more we understand what is possible in any kombucha ferment, then those will be possible and more predictable and more consistent in our brews. 


Certified Analysis of HappyHerbalist Kombucha Mushrooms

Here's the lab analysis of my ferments. The differences that a Tea can Make, the difference of brewing in Oak. Noted especially the ratios of acetic to gluconic acid which contribute to their individual characters. 


Original German Patent for Kombuchal @ 1927

No research would be complete without reading the Original German Patent for Kombucha in 1927.

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