Torpedo 1.5 Gallon Keg Party Bomb

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Torpedo Keg Party Bomb with Free Shipping

Great way to travel without lugging the large and heavy CO2 Tank back and forth. Use for tail gate, beach, hillside sunsets, and special events. 

• Stainless steel beer faucet assembly with stainless steel Torpedo brand quick disconnect to attach to keg
• Mini-Regulator with Torpedo brand quick disconnect to attach to keg
• 74 gram disposable CO2 cartridges

Prices are pretty close. Your Best Choice - Depends where and how you intend to use it. If in your home refrigerator - probably go with the 1.5 gallon. Same if your traveling, on the beach or some event and you don't have a pack mule. Simple and neat. For your man cave yeah that's the 5 gallon. 

Uses the large 74 gram CO2 cartridges. Depending upon use and temperature of the brew one cartridge will dispense 1-5 gallons of brew. We suggest first to force carbonate your chilled keg from your CO2 Tank. Then connect the mini-regulator with 74 gram CO2 cartridge to dispense your brew. 

We feel Torpedo Kegs (Corny Kegs) are the best choice as they are high quality, affordable and most importantly stackable. That means they can be easily stacked and arranged in your refrigerator, kegerators, or freezer - any space where space is needed. They also make a Slimline version which we can special order. 

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