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Torpedo Keg  

(price increased - as is most items now-a daze) 

plastic tubing (gas line/beverage line, in/out) are sold separately depending upon size and length

We highly recommend this set up for KOMBUCHA TEA or KOMBUCHA BEER. They are also recommended  for Ginger Beer, Water Kefir, and all probiotic sodas. You can also use these for Cold Brew Coffee and Nitro Coffee.  

As a simple  fix to possible clogging we recommend a Floating Dip Tube.  as a side note we always recommend racking your brew into the kegs before cold crashing and carbonating to achieve clear vibrant refreshing beverage of your choice. 

We recommend  Ball Lock Torpedo kegs because they are sturdy, well built and stackable. You can purchase many used Corny kegs but they are used and/or many reasons not good enough for their primary intended use. if there are evident burn marks along with nooks and crannies it cannot be sanitized effectively and those are the ones mostly offered as used.

Toperdoe kegs are machine welded and exceed our standards for quality. The weld quality is possible because these kegs made by an ISO certified commercial keg manufacturer.

No more guessing which post is for gas or beverage as each post is clearly marked gas is "in" and beverage is "out". 

Unlike Sanke Kegs which cost more, and require a special separate  tool to remove the lid to clean, Torpedo keg's lids are easy to remove and the kegs are super easy to clean

Plus they are easily fitted with Floating Dip Tubes to help prevent clogging form fermenting kombucha yeast strands. We always do recommend racking before kegging, as floating kombucha yeast strands are only welcomed by the very few bravest souls.

We feel Torpedo Kegs are the best choice as they are high quality, affordable and most importantly stackable. That means they can be easily stacked and arranged in your refrigerator, kegerators, or freezer - any space where space is needed. For tight fits choose the Slimline version for the same price.  

They are easy to hold and carry with the  rolled stainless steel handles, 


Max Pressure: 130 psi
PRV Rating: 85 psi
High Quality Laser Welded Seams
ISO9001 Quality Assurance
Made from 304 Stainless Steel

Torpedo Kegs Dimensions:

  Height (in.) Diameter (in.)
1.5 Gal 10.5 9.125
2.5 Gal 14.75 9.125
5 Gal 23 9.125

note: These are about 1/2" wider than standard Ball Lock Cornelius Kegs.

SLIMLINE Torpedo Kegs  Dimensions:

  Height (in.) Diameter (in.)
1.5 Gal 11 8 5/16
2.5 Gal 15 3/4 8 5/16
5 Gal 25 1/2 8 5/16



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