Kombucha Mushroom Culture Brettanomyces

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Kombucha SCOBY   Happy Herbalist's Pure Kombucha Starter Cultures. All natural organic kombucha.

contains:  One Brettanomyces kombucha mushroom culture (SCOBY) and liquid starter tea with enough liquid starter tea to male up to 2 gallons of great Kombucha Time the first time and a lifetime supply after. Typically our SCOBY / Mushrooms are creamy and smooth (reflecting a great state of health).  However with Bretts, these yeasts may or may not produce their own surface film. Some folks confuse this film for the Kombucha SCOBY. They are different. Please see pictures online. Kombucha is a serendipitous adventure of both bacteria and yeasts, and these guys do get along. Both may be present on the surface. With all kombucha ferments you do want to have a balance  between the bacteria and yeasts.With Brett the balance is more noticeable. Just letting you know that your Kombucha Brett may look "uglier" but it will still produce a beautiful Kombucha Tea. 

We Guarantee your success. This is a great choice for Summer Brewing or Brewing in Oak Casks. 


What is in our Kombucha Mushroom?

Contains: the acetobacter bacteria species gluconobacter. This bacteria produces the gluconic acid that makes Kombucha Tea unique.  Acetobacter's like it warm. Above 74F and well into the 80's. They also like sugar, caffeine and alcohol. 

Brettanomyces  (yeast); unlike typical yeast which stress out when its too warm, Brett is cool at 85F. This makes for a Great Summer brew. Another advantage is that both do well living in a wood home, such as in our Oak Barrels.  

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We've also included our 77 page Kombucha 3.0 Brewing Guide.


Be  Serendipitous ... life's little pleasures gathered along the way..

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Height 11.00
Width 8.00
Depth 2.00
GTIN Kombucha Culture Brettanomyces
MPN Kombucha Culture Brettanomyces
Sku KS Brett
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Kombucha Mushroom  Starter Culture Brettanomyces. Whats in kombucha.
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Brettanomyces does great in Oak and Continuous Brewing produces the widest range of beneficial nutrients possible
Brettanomyces thrives in Oak and so will your kombucha ferment. Kombucha brewing in oak is fantastic. Find our why.