Kombucha Test Kit 2

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Easy to Use. Accurate. Home testing of pH, Sugar, Alcohol and Acids. 

These are the tools you need for simple Home Brewing and Fermenting. Simply home tests for  safe healthy functional food and drinks. 

Almost $70 if purchased separately. Save over 20% with our Kombucha Test Kit 2.

Home Tests for Alcohol, Sugar, Acids and pH. 

1)    Digital pH Test Meter. Accurate to the tenths. Great for home and hobbies. Ferments and brewing, personal use as well. Fast and dependable.  State of Minnesota, Dept of Ag. in their "Pickle Bill" recommends using a digital meter for accuracy over the paper strips to better ensure safety of fermented foods and drinks. 

2).  Brix. Simply and super easy to use. Just place a drop of liquid on the plate and look through the eye piece towards the light. Reveals the sugar level instantly. Wipe and you're ready to take another ready. The advantage over the Hydrometer is with the Brix you only need one drop and no broken glass.  Easy to carry and travel, work in the field or anywhere you happen to be.

3).   Infrared Laser Digital Thermometer. Just point and click. The LED displays the temperature instantly of any surface. Works up to several feet away. Includes extra set of batteries. Instantly know the temperature of your brew or ferment without disturbing a thing.  Temperature is critical to achieving success and a great ferment. 

 4).   Acid Test Kit -  Test the Total Acid (TA) of beer, wine, cider, vinegar, Kombucha, Water Kefir, Ginger or any Juice. 

 How flavorful and acidic your brew, is dependent upon how much sugar and how much alcohol is in your brew. 

Complete Kit with instructions.  Simply take a sample of your ferment  and you'll know your Titratable Acidity measured as tartaric acid. Why do you need to know this?


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