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Tools of the Trade: buy all three now and save $10

 pH Meter:    reg price $34.95

 pH Testing. Applications: In home fermenting - Kombucha, Ginger Beer, Jun, Kefir, Vinegar, Beer, Wine and pickled foods, especially garlic. The State of Minnesota, Department of Agriculture, wrote the Pickle Bill, in an effort to help folks at home and those selling at  farmers market process safe foods. To be on the safe side, home ferments should have a pH under 4.0 at the time of bottling. This is especially important where one is planning on storing their product for a longer period of time. The Pickle Bill recommends the pH be determined by a meter and not to use pH paper.   Our meter has a large digital display and reads from 1-14 (pH scale) to the tenths.  Optimum starting ferments for highest and faster growth is typically 5.4. At that level, it is also easy for mold and pathogens to invade.  To lower the pH we recommend using some of your prior ferment or distilled vinegar. To raise the pH use baking soda or baking powder, or calcium carbonate. For more information on our pH meter click here. 

 Hydrometer.  reg. price  $9.95

  Test Sugar and Alcohol levels of your Kombucha Tea, Ginger Beer & other Ferments.Can be used for Diabetic testing and other health concerns like water metabolism.   Hydrometer shows Specific Gravity from .990 to 1.170, Balling or Brix from 0 to +38% sugar by weight and Potential Alcohol by Volume from 0 to +22%.  Comes with instructions and is easy to use.  The Hydrometer and the pH meter are two of the most important tools for judging and determine fermentation of our bacteria / yeasts ferments. These also allow us to correct mistakes and make course corrections and to talk to other brewers who may be experiencing similar brewing problems.  For more information on our Hydrometer click here. 

At the beginning of fermentation having "Potential Alcohol" readings higher than 13%  (SG ~ 1.100 / ~24 Brix) will usually inhibit the yeast's ability to start fermenting .  2 1/2 pounds of sugar per gallon is considered the highest amount of sugar most yeast can tolerate. 

IR Laser Temperature Gauge reg. price $9.95 

The third, and maybe the most important variable to one's ferment is the temperature.  Temperature is also directly related to Time. We have posted lots or articles on these variables and how one can adjust these variables to suit your own specific needs.  For more information visit our free Online Library. click here. 


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