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Simple and Easy. sweet carbonation. Simply loving bubbles.

Carbonate any ferment: Kombucha, Apple Cider, Water Crystals, Ginegr Beer ...

Great in the Second Ferment.  The easy way to measure the correct amount. 

Contains: dextrose, dry malt extract and heading powder (retains the foam head longer)

about 250 tabs. 4.5 oz.

Best to use at bottling time. Do need warm temperatures around 70F. 5-7 days should complete fermentation of the extra sugar. Recommend completing your brew with a week in the fridge for a mellower brew.

Overdose of tabs will produce a "gusher" or worse exploding bottles. Plastic bottles enable your to feel the hardness and the amount of carbonation within the bottle

Kombucha brewing is a continuous effort to balance the activity of the yeasts (carbonation and alcohol) with the activity of the bacteria (gluconic and acetic acids). The yeasts are directly related to amount of dissolved oxygen in the liquid and the type of sugar used. While the Bacteria are directly related to surface oxygen and alcohol. On one hand when the yeast produce a lot of carbonation, many brewers are happy. Yet the primary health benefits which are mainly believed to be in the beneficial acids (acetic acid and gluconic acid) are diminished by high carbonation.

Carbonation vs. Gluconic Acid

These drops allows one to more fully ferment their kombucha thus producing greater heath benefit- and usually a sweet-sour brew as well greater carbonation. Now achieve the amount of carbonation you like. The drops are also nice because you do not have to carbonate the entire batch and can easily do the exact carbonation you prefer per bottle. Just drop into the bottle, fill, then cap. 5-7 days for full carbonation at room temperature. (70-80F)

Made from a combination of Dextrose, Spray-Dried Malt Extract, Heading Powder (PGA). These convenient tablets let you control the amount of carbonation by the number of tablets you use in each bottle. To use, add the number of drops to a clean bottle and fill to 1- inch of the top and then cap. Two CarbTabs? per 12-ounce bottle provide low carbonation, three tablets provide moderate carbonation, four tablets provide typical carbonation and five tablets provide a high carbonation level. Each four ounce package contains 250 tablets enough for five to six gallons.

Carbonation Tablets are really meant to add to the bottling stage where extra carbonation is wanted.

They may be added to the primary ferment where the dextrose will facilitate the gluconobacter participation in the balance between the bacteria and yeast contribution to the ferment.

We recommend using food grade plastic bottles. This way you can feel how much pressure has built up. Follow safe bottling techniques.

Manufactured by Winemakeri Inc. under license by Muntons

note that the more carbonation in a ferment, the more the percent of alcohol your brew will have.
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Mouton Carb Tablets

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