Growler with Tap Kombucha To Go

Extra CO2 Cartridges
Glass Growler 64 oz cap included

Carbonates and Keeps your Brew Fresh.         

Growler Tap + 64 Growler Contains:

* American made (Libbey Glass) Amber Glass Growler 64 oz. with metal cap

* Tap assembly with faucet and CO2 dispenser

* Food Grade CO2 Cartridge (comes with one 16 gram threaded cartridge, option to purchase 5 more)

* Growler Tap fits standard 64 oz and 128 oz Growlers

 (CO2 Cartridges cannot be shipped internationally)

Stores easily in the refrigerator, right next to the milk.

* Uses standard CO2 threaded cartridges.  Typical lasts for 5 refills on the Growler. Your results may vary. When chilled the CO2 stays in the cold liquid, when warm the CO2 is released in the air and dissipates faster. Recommend chilling the filled growler first, shaking, and then pressurizing. Shaking and pressurizing again. But just add pressure with very short bursts. Over-pressurization results in foaming pours and wasted CO2 and liquid. It is a learning process until you achieve the perfect carbonation. Perfect carbonation is a individual choice.    

Travels well. Great at picnics, tail gate parties  -- any party. Nice to have Fresh Bubbly Kombucha anytime anywhere.  

You can do easily do a Second Stage Ferment right in the Amber Glass Growler and when ready cap on the GrowlTap and you're ready to rock and roll. 

note: Second Stage Fermenting (under Airlock, or closed anaerobic conditions) is fermenting and since the acetobacter are closed off from oxygen, you will increase the carbonation but also the alcohol levels.  Where using the GrowlTap the carbonation (forced carbonation) is provided by the CO2 without increasing the alcohol levels.  

Buy some extra Growlers and harvest your brew when ready. Filter your favorite brew, kombucha or Ginger Beer, even beer, wine or cider. to reduce the sediment formed during a Second Ferment. Keep in the fridge until ready to use. We always recommend to chill and filter before carbonating. 

May not look as nice as the uKeg64 and uKeg128, but works well. Although with the GrowlTap pressure has to be regulated operates manually. Only a  problem if you forget to, the brew can go flat and you’ll use up more CO2 re-carbonating.   

We are also pleased to offer our Mini Keg with Tapping system. We modified the standard pressurized growler with a extra long stainless steel carbonation tube to provide greater carbonation to Probiotic Soda Ferments like Kombucha, Ginger Beer, Water Crystals and even water flavored drinks. We believe these are high quality with the best price you'll find anywhere. 

 see more information on Carbonating Home Brew

note: Growler Tap can also be purchase separately

additional information. 

Our Kombucha TOGO cup is a 64 fluid ounce Glass “Growler” . A growler is simply a glass or stainless steel container for beer (or kombucha) 

The TAP is a CO2 cartridge dispenser which infuses your kombucha with CO2 (carbon dioxide) creating the carbonation you love. 

Typical Kombucha is only slightly carbonated. A second Ferment increases the carbonation BUT also adds alcohol (up to 2-3%).

Using CO2 cartridges allows good carbonation without adding the alcohol. plus forces the kombucha out of the container without the risk of further fermentation when refrigerated or kept cold.

 How to Carbonate your brew.

1. Your just finished your Kombucha Ferment. (Ginger Beer, Jun, Water kefir, Juice, or plain water.)

2. Filter and add to the Glass Growler

3. Place the filled Growler in the fridge. You want it as cold as possible - near freezing but not frozen. 

4. Remove growler from the fridge and 

5. Place the tap on the Growler and press the button to fill with CO2
Only press quickly once. 
Press the trigger faucet - to remove any air from the line or headspace of the growler.

6.Now you add the CO2 to get the carbonation you want but first Turn the growler upside down and shake, or roll back and forth. This gets the CO2 into the kombucha rather than sitting on top to the brew.

There is a learning curve to know when it enough CO2 or if you need more. In the beginning err on the side of little.
Use the trigger faucet to test. pour into a glass down the side, The initial blast may be a lot of foam or foam and air. This should quickly settle to a nice pour. The trick is each individual will have a different amount of carbonation desired. Too much and all you get is foam. Too little and its too little. So in the beginning so little and then add another shot or two

 When empty or you want to remove the TAP. Turn the Tap very slowly to release the pressure. note: the COLDER - near freezing but not frozen - the brew the more the CO2 is in the liquid (where it should be) Then remove the tap and quickly place the cap on the bottle if you want to store for later, or clean the growler for later use or refill.

 FYI. some folks do a active Second Ferment right in the growler. This adds natural carbonation. (and alcohol) Therefore you may not need as much of the CO2. Which is nice to save money. But you have to be careful of pieces of fruit or spices or additional yeast strands blocking the outflow. We recommend when doing Second Fermenting in the growler to add a filter to the growler outflow. Those will be available soon on out site for about $5.00


see directions for use.


Height 15.00
Width 8.00
Depth 8.00
GTIN GrowlTap
MPN GrowlTap
Sku GrowlTap+Growler 64
Kombucha To-Go. 64 oz Glass Growler Tap . Unique Mini-keg easy to use, easy to carry. Uses standard CO2 threaded cartridges. No More Flat Brew
Growl Tap CO2 dispenser and Tap. Fits standard male growlers. 64 oz and 128 oz glass  growlers Includes Growler and Tap and CO2  cartridge. Takes standard threaded CO2 cartridge. We added a Food Grade Stainless Steel Filter
No more flat brew. Our Growler Tap easily carbonates Glass Growlers  TOGO or to store in refrigerator until ready.
Easily carbonates your favorite Probiotic. Kombucha, Water Kefir, Jun, or Ginger Beer stays at the carbonation level you crave.   Keep in the fridge, or take along to the beach, party or game. Great for Tailgating or farmers market.
WE added a Food Grade Stainless Steel Filter to our Growler Tap. Helps prevent raw live probiotics and medicinal herbs, teas and spices from clogging.