5 Gallon Glass Dispenser

Stainless Steel Spigot add $10.00
Spigot Filter Option
Our sturdiest Glass Brewer.Holds 5 Gallons. (20 liter) 
includes  spigot , cloth cover with rubber band for fermenting all types of probiotics. Ginger Beer, Kefir, Kombucha Mushroom Tea, sauerkraut and kim-chi. This is the widest opening of all the glass jars we could find. This provides a greater surface area for the necessary oxygen to produce the beneficial acids for a kombucha or vinegar ferment.  Most LAB ferments do well. Has a optional glass top. Not air tight. 

SIZE  17.7 High x base 10  x 12 inches.  For under the counter consideration we recommend allowing several inches of free space above unit both for the unit to breathe (when brewing) and also to access, add / remove from the container without having to move. Filled weight is roughly 40 pounds.
Toal Capacity  21.125 qt. Brewing capacity is about 1 gallon less. 

PLEASE NOTE:   This is regular glass not tempered. Glass breaks. Glass is FRAGILE. The filled glass container weights about 40 pounds. Pulling, dragging, lifting the container by the spigot will damage the glass.  Do Not Over-Tighten the nut on the spigot. There are two silicon washers provided. Place one on the inside and one on the outside. Point the smaller beveled end into the hole.  We are not responsible for glass breaking. 
Optional Stainless steel spigot 

Additional Information

Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with pictures
Great for Kombucha, Ginger Beer and other ferments, Optional  glass cap, not air tight. (free by request when ordering) cloth cover and rubber band for all ferments. 
Height 14.00
Width 22.00
Depth 15.00
GTIN Glass with spigot
MPN Glass with spigot 20 liter
Sku Core 5 GalDipenser
Warranty Carefully inspect upon arrival. Any damage must be reported immediately. All items and packaging must be saved for inspection. Caution and care must be used in handling and use. . Glass breaks and we do not warrant that glass will not break. Once filled leave the dispenser in place. Do not drag or pull by the spigot.
5 Gallon Glass Kombucha Brewer with spigot.. Dispense you favorite Probiotic with charm and grace.
High quality food grade stainless steel spigot  and 304 stainless steel, filters for easy pour.