Kombucha Canning, Bottling & Labeling

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Kombucha Counter Pressure Bottling and Canning  and semi automatic Labeler.                  


Basic Bottling includes

5 Gallon Keg ($120.00)

Intertap forward sealing Faucet, ($40)

quick Connect and Ball Lock ($20.00),

CO2 Tank and Regulator ($190.00)

TapCooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler ($100.00)

Bottling only $470.00


Canning Only $900.00

Cannular Pro Can Sealer

110VAC Power Supply

Smash Guard

Can adapter

case of cans and lids


Labeler only $799.00

One more necessity for consideration and a time saving device ,which you need for a professional presentation is a Semi-Automatic Label Applicator Machine for Self-Adhesive Labels.  Kegland MFg (Australia)


Bottling, Canning, Labeling Complete with Free Shipping

(total value of $2,169.00) for just $1,700.00 

Free Shipping Continental USA


 We highly recommend access to a Cold Room .  Maintaining temperatures near freezing (36-38F) will keep your kombucha and probiotics stable. It is also recommended to have your kombucha and probiotic near freezing when force carbonating.  For a new startup using a refrigerator is a convenient way to start   Pictured below is a mock up of a 2.0 cubic foot refrigerator. As long as its working, it could work for you. 

On the right side we picture our 7.9 Gallon Fast Ferment. We modify to accept pressurization so it may be used as a Kombucha Brite  or Conical Tank. It can also be used to ferment the primary kombucha tea, to store, to serve, to force carbonate or to larger (condition) your Kombucha Tea which mellows and clears / clarify your Kombucha Tea. You may also larger your Kombucha Tea with a second cold ferment to create Kombucha Beer. (especially tasteful when using the Kombucha Saccharomyces pastorianus (bottom feeding yeasts, common in Kombucha) 




 For some homebrewers, the most satisfying aspects of the brewing process is when you hand someone a bottle or can of your latest creation. At this point, presentation is everything, and that begins with a beautifully packaged beer. Using a 3rd party, you can design your very own adhesive labels for bottles or cans, then apply them with perfection using KegLand's Semi-Auto Label Applicator.

This semi-automated compact label applicator machine is suitable for bottles, jars or cans of up to 160mm diameter and is fully adjustable for labeling any cylindrical container. Apply self-adhesive labels to your beer, wine or spirits quickly and easily.


Power: 110V 60Hz
Max Label Height: 150 mm (5.9")
Max Label Length/Width: 300 mm (11.8")
Max Vessel Diameter: 160 mm (6.2")
Label Applicator Speed: 1–3 seconds (varies by label length)
Approx. Dimensions: 21.6" L x 9.8" W x 13.7" H

KegLand Part Number: KL18326

One Alternative to the Labeler ... Fastlabel Beer Label Sleeves - . about 0.14 Cents a label. You print the label on your printer  place your bottle in the sleeve and use a Hair Dryer to shrink wrap . Looks great. takes time but looks professional.. 

We custom designed Kombucha Fermenters and Micro Brew Houses. If you haven't yet, check out our Kombucha Symbiosis Micro Brewery starting from $895 for a 1 BBL system 

 We offer complete guidance on set up and continued support via zoom, text and email. To futher help and guidance our service is available for a modest $50 per hour with the first hour free. Design, Recipes, Flavors, Equipment, Testing, Problem Solving

  Click link below for description and pricing.

Kombucha Kegs,  

Kombucha Carbonation CO2 systems,

Kombucha Pure Culture Starters & Probiotics. 


Bottles, Cans, & Growlers  by the pallet (text 919-518-3336 for pricing, need your zip code ) 

 Can prices around $120 per 207 16.9 oz size and $160 for 300 11 ounce size,  with Free Shipping

Bottles: Flip Top ryun from $2 - $3.00 depending upon quantity

Growlers, 64oz about $4.00 each  

12 oxz / 16 oz bottles about $1.25 each 

Prices vary on all these and buying by the pallet is by far the only way to buy. . But for sure CANS are the most cost effective and becoming more acceptable 

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