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Kombucha Symbiosis Micro Brewery Basic Start Up

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Our Complete Basic Kombucha Symbiosis Micro Brewery Start Up  From $1,199.99

The low profile of each container has the optimum depth to surface area allowing greater oxygen and nitrogen penetration to the kombucha symbiosis. This, in my opinion, enhances the flavor profile and creates a faster conversion of alcohol to acetic and gluconic acids. Faster Ferments. Lower Alcohol. Less Sugar.  Single batch or Continuous Brewing methods . Stagger or alternate brewing cycles,  and flavors. as well as other Probiotics like Jun, Water Crystals, Ginger Beer. Easy to harvest, clean and start again Easy to expand, Little worry about outgrowing. Complete turn key systems available. Please note that prices on stainless steel and transportation are rising rapidly and more often are in short supply. This will probably continue as the government keeps shutting things down. Many, many small business have been wiped out and will probably never come back. We encourage all to support the remaining - and new - small family business as best one can. Strangely this has spurred on new entrepreneurs and we try to help as much as we can. 

Complete, as shown above includes, 

1) Kombucha Symbiosis fermenting pan, 2) Stick-on temperature gauge, 3) food grade plastic spigot with 4)  stainless steel filter, 5) Heating Pads and 6) Heating Regulator,  7) Electric Hot Water Heater, 8) Hot water pump and transfer unit, 9)  tubing and 10) clamps. 11) cloth cover and 12) elastic support. (our 18 gallon pans feature a (stainless steel pan cover) 15  where support is needed to prevent the cloth from dropping into the ferment.

(stand not included) 

 12 gallon x 6 = 60 gallon ferment  ( 2 Barrel) $1,440.00

Individual brew capacity 8-10  gallons.  size 23.6 x 15.7 x 8 

plus above " 13 items 

 18 gallon x 6 = 90 gallon ferment  ( 3 Barrel) $1999.99

Individual brew capacity 12-15 gallons.  size 25.6 x 21 x 8

plus above " 15 items 

Continuos Brewing Method may allow from 10 to 20% higher production rate


Choice of Spigots 

* No spigot/no hole receive $30.00 credit

* Food Grade Plastic Spigot included

drain(flow) rate estimated 1 gallon / 6-7 minutes. recommended for our 5-7 Gallon containers

* Stainless Steel  Spigot Options 

3/8 inch Stainless Steel Spigot

1/2 Ball Lock Stainless Steel Spigot

1/2 Stainless Steel Garden Hose Spigot 

Flow rates 

Drain(flow) rate estimated 1/2" NPT to 1/2" Barb Hose 1 gallon / 2-3 minutes. Recommended for our 12-18 Gallon containers

Drain(flow) rate estimated 1 gallon 1-3 minutes.  (1/2" NPT to 1/2" Barb Hose)  -    Tri-Clamps are preferred by Big Brewers due to their ease of cleaning. There are no threads to trap the dregs incurred in beer brewing. Hence IMHO, they are overkill. Besides Kombucha and Probiotic brewers do not remove the spigots after each batch as beer brewers do.  To remove or place on takes two hands. One hand holds the spigot while the other hand holds the clamp and locks down the spigot in place. The Ball Lock one unscrews the nut. The more often the spigots are removed the more frequently one would have to replace the washers. 

Drain(flow) rate depends upon surface area / pressure, diameter of spout, diameter of tubing, length to travel and height of fall. Velocity may be increased via pumps. When Racking or Filtering, a slower flow rate is desirable. When transferring higher velocity may induce re-oxygenation and restarting the "finished" ferment. When transferring to a Second Ferment, or those with little patience, a faster velocity is preferred. The Stainless Ball lock or Tri Clamp may change the end piece top a larger capacity to increase flow rate to increase velocity.


Also available as Custom Built MicroBewery Discount the more your purchase. We work with you to create the best brewing system for your needs.  text 919-518-3336

Option 2 

Stainless Steel Spigots  regularly $15.95  6 for $60.00 includes stainless steel filters


Option 3. Counter Pressure Bottling and Canning                  


Basic Bottling includes

5 Gallon Keg ($80.00)

Intertap forward sealing Faucet,

quick Connect and Ball Lock ($20.00),

CO2 Tank and Regulator ($180.00)

TapCooler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler ($80.00)

Bottling only $360.00

 Canning upgrade include

TapCooler Canning Station ($80.00)

Can Seamer ($490.00)

Bottling Plus Canning $930

 We highly recommend access to a Cold Room .  Maintaining temperatures near freezing (36-38F) will keep your kombucha and probiotics stable. It is also recommended to have your kombucha and probiotic near freezing when force carbonating.  For a new startup using a refrigerator is a convenient way to start   Pictured below is a mock up of a 2.0 cubic foot refrigerator. As long as its working, it could work for you. 

On the right side we picture our 7.9 Gallon Fast Ferment. We modify to accept pressurization so it may be used as a Kombucha Brite  or Conical Tank. It can also be used to ferment the primary kombucha tea, to store, to serve, to force carbonate or to larger (condition) your Kombucha Tea which mellows and clears / clarify your Kombucha Tea. You may also larger your Kombucha Tea with a second cold ferment to create Kombucha Beer. (especially tasteful when using the Kombucha Saccharomyces pastorianus (bottom feeding yeasts, common in Kombucha) 

Option 4


One more necessity for consideration and a time saving device ,which you need for a professional presentation is a Semi-Automatic Label Applicator Machine for Self-Adhesive Labels.  Kegland MFg (Australia)   $799.99 



One Alternative to the Labeler ... Fastlabel Beer Label Sleeves - . about 0.14 Cents a label. You print the label on your printer  place your bottle in the sleeve and use a Hair Dryer to shrink wrap . Looks great. takes time but looks professional.. 

OPTION 5        Modified Fast Ferment (7.9 Gallon) with Stand $120.00 (shown on the right below) 



Optional FastFerment Modified Conical Fermenter (shown above right) Food Grade Plastic. Modified to accept pressure thereby one may use as a Brite Tank. Force Carbonate, Chill, Mix, Store and Serve, all using one vessel. And of course you can ferment -  Cold Ferment, or Larger your Kombucha Tea into a Kombucha Beer increasing the alcohol naturally. The shape of the FastFerment is ideal for Kombucha, Probiotic Sodas, and really any ferment like beer, wine or cider & mead. Its wider at the top which enhances the kombucha process (much the same as our Symbiosis Fermenters) which also creates a thermal convention which distributes  the nutrients throughout the brew.  

We custom designed Kombucha Fermenters and Micro Brew Houses. If you haven't yet, check out our Anatomy of a Kombucha Brewery.

 We offer complete guidance on set up and continued support via zoom, text and email. To futher help and guidance our service is available for a modest $50 per hour with the first hour free. Design, Recipes, Flavors, Equipment, Testing, Problem Solving

  Click link below for description and pricing.

Kombucha Kegs,  

Kombucha Carbonation CO2 systems,

Kombucha Pure Culture Starters & Probiotics. 


Bottles, Cans, & Growlers  by the pallet (text 919-518-3336 for pricing, need your zip code ) 

 Can prices around $120 per 207 16.9 oz size and $160 for 300 11 ounce size,  with Free Shipping

Bottles: Flip Top ryun from $2 - $3.00 depending upon quantity

Growlers, 64oz about $4.00 each  

12 oxz / 16 oz bottles about $1.25 each 

Prices vary on all these and buying by the pallet is by far the only way to buy. . But for sure CANS are the most cost effective and becoming more acceptable 


Built to order Kegeraotors from Single Tap for Home to Grand Commerical Size   Custom Built with your logo or not.  Text for pricing 919-518-3336. mention what size and number of taps (faucets) towers, how many flavors and products, Nitro Coffee, or other beverages, Do you need room for extras that need to be kept cold; glasses, fresh fruits, garnishes. Need to be locked, Set-served?  Canopy, Lights, Keg and connections; Sankey, Ball or Pin Lock, none or no preference, Please include zip code fro shipping estimate. We can also provide all parts for Do-it-Your selfers. 

Small Single Taps from $500 to 7 unit (below) priced from $1,800

text for pricing: 919-518-3336





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