Kombucha Symbiosis Fermenter

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CUSTOM BUILT. Priced Individually Discount the more your purchase. We work with you to create the best brewing system for your needs. 

Our advantage is the system takes less floor space, easily goes from Single Stage batch brewing to Continuous Brewing, easy to harvest and clean and start again, alternating harvest dates to match customer demand and special events. Brew multiple flavors - as well as other Probiotics like Jun, Water Crystals, Ginger Beer
Please allow 2 weeks and note availability as noted below.

 Shown above as basic one barrel (30 gallon) Kombucha Symbiosis Fermenting System with hot water tank (for water, sugar & tea and/or herbs and spices) , hot water pump to transfer liquid in and out , Temperature control regular and heating pads. Stand not included (get one at Costco or Walmart with delivery for less than $200). Easy to expand Our 6 unit 7 gallon produces 42 gallons and 6 of our 17 gallon units produces over a 100 gallons. Of course you can add any combination of units you need. 

Pure Bred Kombucha Culture Starter Kits 

Symbiosis Fermenters  by HappyHerbalist  custom built    test 919-518.3336
Capacity - MAX 


Brew Capacity 

Stainless Steel





5 Gallon 4.2 Gallon 20 3/4 x 12 3/4 x 6   $69.95 yes
7 Gallon 6 Gallon 20 3/4 x 12 3/4 x 8   $99.99 yes
12.5 Gallon 10 Gallon 23 .6 x 15.7 x 8   $175.00 June *
18.6 Gallon  15 Gallon 25.6 x 21 x 8   $199.00 June *

 * Our 12.5 and 18.5 Gallon size (due sometime in June) are available for pre-order at an additional 10% discount

INCLUDES: Plastic spigot, stainless steel filter, temperature gauge, cloth cover, elastic support (so cloth does not fall into ferment. 

Stainless Steel Spigots  $15.00        

 Click link below for description and pricing. Totals will be qualified for quantity discount  10-20%

Totals over $200 will be qualified for quantity discount  10% . Over $300 eligible for 20% 

Hot Water Tank   ($159.99 - $259.99)  Kombucha Hot Water Tank         
Hot Water Pump   call for pricing        
Hot Water Tubing, clamps and fittings 25 feet  call for pricing        
Kombucha Heating Pads  $24.95 - $61.95  Symbiosis Heating Pad        
Thermostat Control  controls up to 20 pads         
Kombucha Kegs  Torpedo Stackable Kegs         
Kombucha Carbonation CO2 system  Force Carbonation System        
Bottling and Canning  call for pricing        
Kombucha Pure Culture Starter  Kombucha Cultures         
   call for wholesale pricing         
Symbiosis Fermenter Brewing System as shown above estimate
5 Gallon  24 Gallon System    $900      
7 Gallon 42 gallon  System    $1,100      
12 Gallon 60 Gallon 2 BBL System   $1,500      
18 Gallon 90 Gallon 3 BBL System   $2,900      

Our Kombucha Symbiosis Fermenter is designed for multiple ferments offering more flavor choices to the brewer. Also by staggering each tank to be completed on a different day your brew can be matched to your demand

We custom designed Kombucha Fermenters and Micro Brew Houses. If you haven't yet, check out our Anatomy of a Kombucha Brewery.

Use the ame equipment for Ginger Beer, Jun, Kvass, Probiotic Sodas, Cold Brewed Coffee, Nitro Coffee and more. 

Start small and easy to expand. Heavy duty steel stands typically are 48 inches wide or 77 inches wide and can safely hold 1 to 9 units and up to 2,000 pounds. (sold separately)

The low profile of each container has the optimum depth to surface area allowing greater oxygen and nitrogen penetration to the kombucha symbiosis. This, in my opinion, enhances the flavor profile and creates a faster conversion of alcohol to acetic and gluconic acids. Faster Ferments. Lower Alcohol. Less Sugar. Results, of course will vary upon personal recipes and preferences.  

We offer complete guidance on set up and continued support via zoom, text and email. To futher help and guidance our service is available for a modest $50 per hour with the first hour free. Design, Recipes, Flavors, Equipment, Testing, Problem Solving

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