Kombucha Symbiosis Fermenter

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Shown above as a 6 unit  90 Gallon Symbiosis Fermenter  (72-82 gallon fermenting capacity) for $750

Individual units are $125 apiece. 

We custom designed Kombucha Fermenters and Micro Brew Houses. If you haven't yet, check out our Anatomy of a Kombucha Brewery. Use most of the same equipment  for Ginger Beer, Jun, Kvass, Probiotic Sodas, Cold Brewed Coffee, Nitro Coffee and more. 

Each container is high quality 22 gauge 300 series Stainless Steel food grade and includes stainless steel ball valve with stainless steel filter, cloth covers, extra large rubber bands,  sells for $125.00

Each pan filled to the brim holds just over 15 gallons. Our recommend fermenting volume is 12 gallons.

Start small and easy to expand. Heavy duty steel stands typically are 48 inches wide or 77 inches wide and can safely hold 1 to 9 units and up to 2,000 pounds.  (sold separately)

Made in America. NSF International rated. Our Kombucha Symbiosis Fermenter is designed for multiple ferments offering more flavor choices to the brewer. Also by staggering each tank to be completed on a different day your brew  can be matched to your demand

The low profile of each container has the optimum depth to surface area allowing greater oxygen and nitrogen penetration to the kombucha symbiosis. This, in my opinion, enhances the flavor profile and creates faster conversion of alcohol to acetic and gluconic acids. Faster Ferments. Lower Alcohol. Less Sugar. 


Digital Heat Regulator. One regulator can control up to 30 units  Set to desired temperature and the unit turned on/off to maintain that ideal temperature. Important to achieve predictability and consistency. 

Single pad 10 x 20 heating pats. Each Pad 17 watts raise the ferment temperature 5-10 degrees over ambient. Or if additional heat is needed we have a 20 x 20  48 watt heater which will raise the temperature 10-20 degrees over ambient. 

or if your prefer to heat two containers with the same pad we offer our 48 x 20 107 Watts of heat which raises 20 degrees over ambient. 

Kombucha Hot Water Tank DigigiBoil available in 110 or 220V 9 Gallon or 17 Gallon.

Temperatures are set and automatically maintained via digital control, panel. We recommend boil sugar & tea and then pump to one of the containers. Once the container is half filled or so, fill the balance of the container with cold water to start your ferment as soon a possible and avowing a long cool down time which opens the ferment to infestation.  

Hot Water Pump and lines. Coming Soon Safely transfer hot liquids or cold liquids from boiler to fermenter, to filters, to kegs. 

 And for kegs, growlers, CO2 Tanks and more to complete your mini Micro brewery check out our Anatomy of a Kombucha Brewery

  email:  or text 919-518-3336 to design a custom Kombucha Micro=brewer to fit your budget. 

When you get your wish list together give me ahollar and we'll see what kind of discount w can give you. 

Does not include stand. Heavy duty steel  shelving units are offered for less than our cost and ship to you from COSTCO, Sams Club, Walmart.  Each filled container weighs around 125 pounds. Total weight of 6 containers 750 pounds.  Gladiator offers a steel heavy duty 4 shelf unit for $195.49 that holds 2,000 pounds,  at 77 inches wide that unit can hold up to 9 units which only weighs 1,127 pounds. Many of these units are easy to assembly and require no tools. 

ACTUAL  SHIPPING CHARGES applied at time of shipping. sorry they can not be fairly priced as the quantity varies and dimensions vary too much for our poor online shipping calculator.  shipping ranges from $30 upwards. ( Shipping to a business will cost less) 



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