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Jun is a Lactic Acid ferment of Green Tea and Honey.  Very similar to Kombucha, with the difference being that Kombucha is a Acetic Acid ferment by the Gluconobacter species of bacteria. Ginger Beer Plant is also similar to Jun using the same lactobacillus bacteria with the difference that GBP ferments ginger.  (after all you are what you eat). 

Our Jun Culture is ready to start to make 1-2 gallons of Jun Tea. Comes complete with our book and full support with unconditional satisfaction guaranteed. 

Honey is natural and healthy, Green Tea is healthy and the lactic acid produced by lactobacilli and the bacteria colonize the GI tract, helping to restoring health.   

Compared to Mead, another honey ferment, Jun is a very short ferment, typically 2 weeks though it can go longer (months) if one wants all the honey to be used up.  Very low alcohol about 1-2%, is produced in the short ferment. 

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