Kombucha Heating Mats

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Available in 6 sizes 

Soft pliable heating mats. Very Durable. WaterProof.  (but don't use in water) 

Two year warranty from date of purchase.   (twice as long as our competitors) 


 1.  20 inch  x  3 inch  7 watts   OUT OF STOCK   fits nicely on most windowsills or wrap around fermenting jars up to one gallon. Since the wattage is low, really don't need a Regulator. Only takes the chill off for large containers. Best for pints and quarts. 

2.  20  x 10      18 watts   comes with sewn in 20 " velcro straps for easy wrap-a-round heat distribution. or can place containers directly on mat. Total span area (circumstance) is 40 inches. Compared to FERMWARP"S 24 inches and for wrap around use only. 

Fits around various size containers. Velcro straps expands to fit up to 40 inch diameter containers.

Fits 6 standard one gallon glass jars, and various combinations.  Most versatile & popular size heating pad. 

3.  20 x  20      45 watts     fits 12 standard one gallon glass jars over 400 square inches of surface area.  

4.  20 x  48     106 watts   fits 30 standard one gallon glass jars over 960 square inches of surface area.

5.  24  x  11     40 Watts      OUT of STOCK.  FermWrap  fits 3-5-7 Gal Carboys, Larger containers when used with duct tape to secure. Can be used on Oak Barrels.  Wrap-a-round only avoid getting wet. Most heat to surface area pad available. Thermostat Regulator  recommended to prevent overheating. 

6.  12  x  12     25  watts.  Hard Plastic Water resistant. 3 years warranty Fits 4 - 1 Gallon or 3 - 2 Gallon Jars, or 1 - 5 to 12 Gallon Containers.   Preferred in colder climates needing over 10 degrees F of extra warmth. Best for Wood Barrels up to 13 Gallons, Ideal for Brewing Cabinets. 

We have used these pads ourselves for over 20 years, and are very familiar with tall of them.  When used flat and with various size brewing and fermenting containers on top of the heating mats they will raise the temperature about 5 - 10F degrees over the ambient room temperature. As a wrap-a-around the temperatures may be raised 10-25F degrees but is limited usually to a single container. (depending upon size) 

If your room is 68F these heating pads generally will warm up the brewing containers to 73F - 78F. When you use the Wrap-a-Around method roughly 3 times the thermal effect can be achieved, though you are limited to the number of containers that may be warmed. For example a one-gallon glass jar may be warmed up 5-10 degrees when it is seated on the pad versus 15-30 degrees warmer when wrapped in the heating pad. Air flow and ventilation plays a role and one can move the wrap around pad slightly away from the container to manually adjust temperatures. - or use the Thermostat regulator just set-it and forget-it. 

Note. The colder the room the less efficient. With higher ambient, room temperatures or with smaller containers, you can use coins to lift the container above the heating pads. Of course our Heating Regulator will automatically adjust temperatures to your optimum settings worry free.  The more consistent the environment the more predictable and reliable will be your ferment and brew.  To warm your ferment in cold environments (consistently below 65F) one can create a Brewing Cabinet. This is basically a "Box with two holes, one on the bottom" one on the top, to allow ventilation and to trap / control the warmer air inside the box. Trapped air is easier to heat and maintain via the holes at top and bottom. Open, allowing greater air flow for cooler, and closed for warmer. Set your ferment inside the box (or a 3 sided box on top), Remember air flow is critical to a kombucha ferment (aerobic ferment) not so critical in anaerobic or lacto-ferments or yeast ferments.  see the FermenWrap Test on side panel. 

Our square 12 x 12 25 Watt is the best for Oak Barrels. Oak is heavy and insulates very well. It takes a larger wattage in a smaller area, to deliver efficient heat. The Brew Belts are also 25 watts and a small concentrated area however they result in burn marks along the belt line. The best choice for warming Barrels or to build a Brew Box. (see above) is our 12 x 12 25 watt heating pad. 

Made in China for the HappyHerbalist (20 x 3 made by Hydrofarm. 24 x 11 FermWrap Manufactured by Fermentap)

Our 12 x 12 25 watt heating pads are made in New Zealand for us. 

We created these specifically for Kombucha Brewing as well as for Ginger Beer and other Probiotic Soda ferments. 

Works with our optional Digital Temperature Thermostat  reads in F or C. Set it and Forget it ease. 

 Choosing the right sizeread more 

 Satisfaction Guaranteed for TWO full years from purchase date. 

note: does not include Golden Retriever, Gecko or Kombucha Continuous Brewing Container. 

Questions - just ask  

cell / Text / message 919-518-3336   

Warranty Information

warranty 2 years

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