Kombucha Heating Mats

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Best Price Guarantee. 

Soft pliable heating mat 

Available in 3 sizes 

20 3/4  x 10      18 watts   comes with velcro straps for easy wrap around heat distribution. or can stand directly on mat. 

20 3/4  x  20     45 watts

20 x3/4 x 48     106 watts 

6 foot electrical cord

one year warranty. 

Made in China for the HappyHerbalist

We created these for Kombucha Brewing as well as for Ginger Beer and other Probiotic Soda ferments. 

Works with our optional Digital Temperature Thermostat  reads in F or C. Set it and Forget it ease. 

Recommended Brewing Range

     Kombucha     74F - 84 F

     Ginger Beer, Jun    64F - 84 F

     Kefir, Caspian Sea Yogurt,   64F - 84F

     Cider    50F - 68F

     Red Wines    70F - 85F

     White Wines   55F - 70F 

     villi     60F - 70F

     Sauerkraut, Kim Che, Pickles     55F - 60F      

     also works for

      plants and seedlings, 

      pets; dogs, cats, lizards, 


Heating pads  makse for better more predictable brewing at very low cost. 


all our heating pads may be daisy chained  (linked) together and used with one of our Kombucha Temperature Control Thermostats.

(up to 500 total watts) 


Availability Available August 15
Height 5.00
Width 4.00
Depth 4.00
Sku HHHeatPads
HappyHerbalist Kombucha Heating Pads are versatile with many uses. Wrap around or sit on.
Works for most pets, with caution - do not cover with thick blankets. Use think cover if any at all.
HappyHerbalist Kombucha Heating Pads a few degrees better
Kombucha  Heating Pads and Thermostat for precision temperature control