4 Gallon Glass Dispenser Fermenter

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4 Gallon  Wide Mouth Fermenter with Food Grade Plastic Spigot + Infuser
For fermenting all types of probiotics. Ginger Beer, Kefir, Kombucha Mushroom Tea, sauerkraut and kim-chi. Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead, Vinegar
Supply limited at this time. 

* Large opening. Reach all the way inside! Easy to remove SCOBY, Easy to clean!
* 3.96 Gallon (15 Liter) filled to the brim Capacity
* Does not scratch easily so it won't hold odor or break down over time like plastic
* Plastic lid provides an airtight seal but has a removable cap that can be replaced with an airlock to release pressure during fermentation


Plastic Sigot food grade 

2 piece infuser 
for fermenting helps contain fruits and spices in easy to remove piece
for serving keeps beverage cold without watering down.

note the lid of the infuser is larger than the opening of the glass and the screw on cap can not be screwed on but may be placed over the infuser to cover the contents. 


SIZE  19"High x base 11" 
Toal Brew Capacity varies ~ 4 1/2 gallon . Continuous  Brewing may produce from 6 6 1/2 gallons per week. 

PLEASE NOTE:   This is regular glass not tempered. Glass breaks. Glass is FRAGILE. The filled glass container weights about 40 pounds. Pulling, dragging, lifting the container by the spigot will damage the glass.  Do Not Over-Tighten the nut on the spigot. There are two silicon washers provided. Place one on the inside and one on the outside. Point the smaller beveled end into the hole.  We are not responsible for glass breaking.  Use ONLY room temperature liquid.  Clean with white distilled vinegar, and check for leaks BEFORE using . We ship INSURED please check for damage immediately upon delivery. 
We ship insured. Report any damage immediately. (text 919-518-3336  with photos to ensure fast service)  If damaged keep  bubble wrap, box and contents in the event our insurance requires and inspection. Once reported our insurance will require confirmation email from you and once completed we will ship a new unit right away regardless of insurance outcome.  

Free PDF Download Kombucha Craft Brewing Guide Beer, Cider, Mead, Vinegar testing for alcohol, acids, and sugar. Best method to carbonate, and more options available at our sister site

Note: Inspect items for damage and let us know ASAP.
Spigot: Check for leaks prior to adding beverage.
With the jar filled only 1/2 way with tap water hand tighten only. Over-tightening may cause the glass to crack. Again be careful not to over-tighten. .

If it is leaking from the spout. It may be a defective spigot (and we'll send a replacement) or a improperly seated interior gasket. The spigot has a nut on it that may be losses and the gasket may be re-seated or what happened after long use is sediment may be lodge inside and have to be removed.

It may be the silicon gaskets are improperly seated or damaged. If improperly seated simply remove and re-install. If damaged or the size is inapproapite we will send out replacements.

Additional Information

Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with pictures
Great for Kombucha, Ginger Beer and other ferments, Optional  glass cap, not air tight. (free by request when ordering) cloth cover and rubber band for all ferments. 
Free PDF Download   Kombucha Craft Brewing Guide Beer, Cider, Mead, Vinegar testing for alcohol, sugar and more

Warranty Information

Carefully inspect upon arrival. Any damage must be reported immediately. All items and packaging must be saved for inspection. Caution and care must be used in handling and use. . Glass breaks and we do not warrant that glass will not break. Once filled leave the dispenser in place. Do not drag or pull by the spigot.

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