2 Gallon Stoneware Keg

Stoneware Spigot Options *
Spigot Filter Option
Stoneware Lid
American Made Stoneware Keg
Lead and Toxin Free
2 Gallon
Diameter 9 inches
Height     12 inch
Weight     11 pounds
Great for fermenting and brewing. Ideal for Continuous Brewing 
Looks Beautiful in any setting.
A favorite for kombucha brewers
Includes standard food grade plastic spigot 
Food Grade Stainless Steel spigot (add $9.95)
Spigot Filter
Barrel Filter (add $3.95) 
Includes extra large Cloth Cover and elastic band.
Optional: Stoneware lid (add $6.95) 
Additional Information
Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with pictures
Height 18.00
Width 12.00
Depth 12.00
GTIN stoneware dispenser
Sku Stoneware2
Warranty booklet
Produces the widest range of nutrients possible.
Start with typical recipe and once under way just add fresh pure water, sugar and tea.
Only continuously brewing kombucha tea allows the formation and retention of the numerous different acids and nutrients hat are constantly being formed and reformed. Kombucha Researcher Mike Rousin indicated that at 80o F and 7 days the ferment has the greatest variety of health benefits. (vitamins, oxalic acid, etc) However, he also noted that the longer fermentation proceeds the more beneficial acids have a chance to form. Some of these acids don't even appear until 14-21 days in the process. These acids are largely responsible for the detoxifying nature of Kombucha Tea and are the catalysts we seek in drinking Kombucha.While sugar content (glucose) maximizes around the 8th or 9th day. This implies that gluconic acid production could not peak until after that point. Gluconic acid is the biggest single contributor to the detox effect and the single factor that makes Kombucha Tea uniquely Kombucha Tea and not something else.

At this time our Kombucha Tea is the only know cure for EBS.

Additional Information

Continuous Brew Guide, Step by Step with pictures
2 gallon stoneware keg. Great for fermenting or brewing
Kombucha Brewing Stoneware Keg with options;  choice of spigots; Plastic, stainless Steel Spigot or all wood spigot with cork insert. Stoneware Lid or Cloth Cover, Stainless Steel filters. Everything Food Grade, lead free toxin free.
American Made Lead free Toxin free . Stoneware Keg with tap. Great for brewing Kombucha Tea , Jun, and Ginger Beer, or fermenting your favorite dish.