Jun Complete Starter Kit with 2 Gallon Glass Dispenser

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 note: these are actually 1.75 Gallons .

The actual ferment capacity (in our recommendation)  is just over one gallon to harvest  as you need to leave room at the top and save starter tea for the next ferment. By using our Continuous Brewing Method (harvesting daily) set: 19 ounces x 7 days = 133 ounces per week. 

A healthy probiotic created by fermenting Green Tea,  Honey and lactobacillus (bacteria).  We use a homeo-fermentative strain that principally produces (only) beneficial Lactic acid (no alcohol or carbonation). Our Gluncobacter  (bacteria) is also present which produces the beneficial  gluconic acid and acetic acid and reduces any alcohol that may be produced by wild or airborne yeast. 

Jun may be fermented just like Kombucha Tea.  One may add herbs, spices and teas to create wonderful, refreshing and healthy probiotics. Jun fermentation time and temperature are lower and slower than Kombucha. Jun does better in winter and kombucha does better in summers. Jun generally takes 14 days or longer, especially dependent upon the amount of honey. 

Refer to our Kombucha Craft Brewing guide for full information and the differences between a lactobacillus (bacteria) ferment and a Kombucha (gluncobacter, bacteria) ferment, and honey. Our Craft Brewing Guide (free download PDF)    JUN is also available as a single starter culture .

Our Complete Jun Kit Contains:

1.75 Gallon lead-free Glass Dispenser with food grade plastic spigot 

* Jun Starter Culture 

* COSTCO Organic Honey. one pound ($4.65) 

Use from 1 pound of honey to 6 pounds of honey per 1-2  gallon of water. You may combine honey with other sugars. White sugar is neutral in its taste, while organic or raw sugar adds a slight bitterness. The Honey definitely imparts its taste. They are not all the same, nor are they equal. Some foreign honey add cheap sugar or high fructose corn syrup. We recommend you buy local and to support your local growers. The amount of honey reflects both in its taste and alcohol levels. Plus the time to ferment. One pound takes > 14 days at 75F. Higher temperatures are not encouraged as the Gluconobactor will be more active and reduce the alcohol to acetic acid with a more sour taste. This recipe is for "Still Mead" or low carbonation mead that produces 3-4 % alcohol and sweet, slightly sour taste.   6 pounds of honey per gallon may take several months to ferment and another few months to properly age. That alcohol levels tilts upwards of 15%. 

* Stick On Temperature gauge  

*   organic green tea. 

* Paper Filter cover and rubber band. 

check out our hand-made knitted Kombucha Covers 

*  Kombucha Craft Brewing Guide. (available as a Free Downloadable PDF

  • Jun & Kombucha are cousins, sharing the same zymology with just a few exceptions. The same principles carefully explained in our Kombucha Craft Brewing guide will help create your Jun tailored to your expectations. Test for and adjust your Jun's alcohol, honey, acidity to meet your goals. Flavor with medicinal teas, herbs, spices and gruits. Adjust carbonation levels and more. 

*  When completely fermented serve from from the Glass Dispenser. 

Note: Inspect items for damage and let us know ASAP.

Spigot: Check for leaks prior to adding beverage.
With the jar filled only 1/2 way with tap water hand tighten only. Over-tightening may cause the glass to crack. Again be careful not to over-tighten. .

If it is leaking from the spout. It may be a defective spigot (and we'll send a replacement) or a improperly seated interior gasket. The spigot has a nut on it that may be losses and the gasket may be re-seated or what happened after long use is sediment may be lodge inside and have to be removed.

It may be the silicon gaskets are improperly seated or damaged. If improperly seated simply remove and re-install. If damaged or the size is inapproapite we will send out replacements.

Satisfaction Guaranteed, text and email support support. 919-51803336, 


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We Guarantee Your Success. Toll-free support 888-425-8827, text 919-518-3336 email

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