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pH test 2-9 strips

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Perfect for any ferment or brew, Perfect for your body's pH.  50% more accurate than regular paper 1-14. 

Better Accuracy. Range 2 to 9 by 1/2. contains 100 strips. 

For example 2, 2.5,  3, 3.5,  4, 4.5.  5, 5.5,  6, 6.6,  7, 7.5,  8, 8.5,  9

pH has a range of 1 to 14.  

7.0 is neutral, above is Alkaline. Below 7.0 Acidic.

Our 2-9 range is best to test people, pets, plants, swimming pool and beer, wine, cider, kombucha, just about everything a person really needs. testing. Test your  urine, sweat, blood or salvia. A pH in the 5's is considered pre-cancerous. If you choose to go on a alkaline diet, or a kombucha diet, or other means of balancing your pH your daily check of your morning pH will let you know how well you're doing. 

To test your body's pH we recommend first thing in the morning after a good nights sleep. Take one strip and begin urination. Then midway quickly slip the strip into your urine stream. 

To test kombucha or other ferments, set aside a small amount in a short glass and quickly dip one strip into the liquid. Ferments should be tested in the beginning and during intervals to determine when the ferment is finished. A pH of less than 4 is considered anti-pathogenic. Some sources quote below a pH of 4.6.

Swimming pools and garden soil have different settings.  Garden soil can be tested by placing the soil in water then taking a reading. This may be a relative reading but valid to see if you are alkalizing or acidifying your soil.

People and animals are in the 6-8 range Also suitable to monitor your kombucha ferment Kombucha is in the 2-5 range with a pH below 3.5 commonly recommended. Remember although Kombucha is acidic yet an alkaline forming food.

Researched recently by Dr Barefoot (Calcium Factor) wrote that drinking Kombucha tea and taking Coral Calcium daily helps with over 200 degenerative disorders.We offer Coral Calcium NOW brand in Veecaps with our Pure Pressed Kombucha Extract, and you can monitor your progress easily with these pH strips. We recommend testing your pH when you first get up in the morning, and quickly slip one pH strip midway in your urine stream. 

The Germans “Kombuchal”  see German Reichspatent 538 028 noted significant health improvement by drinking kombucha and monitoring your pH. WE posted online in both the original German and an English translation offered by Harald Tietz and others. of the German Patent. 

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