pH test 1-14 paper 30 strips

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Test pH from 1-14 by one full step. Contains 30 strips. 

7.0 is  neutral Above is Alkaline. Below 7.0 Acidic.
Use to quickly test urine, sweat, blood or saliva

People and animals are in the 6-8 range

Ferments generally start around 5.5 and end up between 2.5 and  under 4.

Comes with directions, suggestions and chart. 30 single use

If difficult to see color differences we recommend our easy to read Digital Meter 

The classification of kombucha vinegar according to Traditional Chinese  Medicine  is  Sour, Bitter and Warm, and milder than alcohol which is Hot (alcohol contributes to phlegm and stagnation). TCM uses kombucha to break stagnation and to move the blood and Qi. Thus improving circulation and contributing to the general feeling of well-being.

Dr Barefoot (Calcium Factor) and earlier by the Germans “Kombuchal”  see German Reichspatent 538 028 testified that Kombucha and calcium carbonate can help resolve over 200 degenerative diseases associated with a low pH. 

Additional Details

pH114-30 strips

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