pH test 1-14 paper 100 paper stripes

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100 single use strips double sided our most economical package. 

Takes just a minute. Above 7.0 is considered Alkaline. Below 7.0 Acidic.
Suitable for testing urine, sweat, blood or salvia People and animals are in the 6-8 range Also suitable to monitor your kombucha ferment Kombucha is in the 2-5 range with a pH below 3.0 commonly recommended. Remember although Kombucha is acidic it is an alkaline forming food.

May be used to measure other ferments as well.

It may be difficult for some to read the color differences in the chart. Consider our easy to read Digital pH Meter 

The classification of kombucha vinegar according to Traditional Chinese  Medicine  is  Sour, Bitter and Warm, and milder than alcohol which is Hot (alcohol contributes to phlegm and stagnation). TCM uses kombucha to break stagnation and to move the blood and Qi. Thus improving circulation and contributing to the general feeling of well-being.

As a Pro-biotic: Acidic kombucha, pH 2-3.5  aids the Stomach (both in the TCM and western sense) in the breakdown and digestion of food ingested.  Beneficial bacteria and yeasts, that comprise the Live K-T or Pressed Extract (as opposed to pasteurized, neutralized, alcoholic or dead kombucha) compete with and help remove (suppress) harmful bacteria, yeast, parasites. (Probably why Candia sufferers can drink K-T). Then due to the synergism of the stomach acids and kombucha (Acid and Alkaline meets Yin and Yang, Herman Aihara ISBN 0-918860-44-x), kombucha transforms into an alkaline forming substance. Now the transformed Alkaline kombucha pH 7+, aids the Spleen (function in TCM), intestines, gall bladder and pancreas (function in western speak) in metabolizing and distributing that digest throughout the body. Thus IMHO, kombucha truly holistically balances & harmonizes the body.

The actual pH of the body changes. As researched recently by Dr Barefoot (Calcium Factor) and earlier by the Germans “Kombuchal”  see German Reichspatent 538 028 online in both the original German and an English translation offered by Harald Tietz and others. 

TEST Your Own pH simple and easy. Full range 1-14 ** FREE SHIPPING on this product

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