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Kefir Live Milk Grains plus Dark Chocolate

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Our natural Raw Live Kefir Grains plus 1/2 ounce of Certified Organic Free Trade Dutch Cocoa (sugar free) .

Our Kefir Grains have never been Frozen or Dehydrated. Harvested Fresh on the day we ship. Fresh Milk Rinsed to remove most of the curds. You get more kefir Grains.

We guarantee we can help you get started. Follow our simply recipe, take a picture; text or email us.if we  can't help you we'll Replace or Refund.  

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Dr Mercola's recent article on the Health Benefit of Dark Chocolate (Cocoa) is amazing. And what's better than combining Cocoa with active live probiotics - like those in Kefir that INCREASE those health benefits. Amazingly Good and good for you. Cocoa is also a Pre-ProBiotic. Meaning it feeds and nourishes the good bacteria in our bodies, like lactobacillus those in Milk kefir 

Dr Berg recommended us for our milk kefir and helping you for a better nights sleep. 

The live probiotics in kefir feast on the cocoa and increases the health benefits of both the Kefir and the Cocoa. Our bacterial flora benefit as cocoa is a pre-biotic fostering the health of our beneficial microbes, while we benefit - not only from the great chocolate taste, but from the bacteria making the health benefits of cocoa more bioavailable.  Over 50 health benefits are attributed to cocoa. From Antioxidants, Anti-inflamation, Blood pressure, heart disorders, lower cholesterol, helps prevent pregnancy complications, , reduces pain, helps vision, makes you smarter, and makes you feel good. To name a few.   

Our Live Milk Kefir Grains will grow and multiple. Start off with a heaping teaspoon of grains that will make 1-2 cups of kefir per day. As time goes by you'll soon have plenty to give away, feed to your pets, store away for later. 

Complete with our Kefir book filled with recipes and even beauty tips. Like Cleopatra' beauty bath. 

Guaranteed text support - 919-518-3336 or  email 

KEFIR is the fermented milk, harvested at the right time of your choosing.

Kefir is not yogurt. Kefir is not spoonable. Although there are recipes to make your kefir thicker, the typical kefir recipe produces a drink a bit thicker than milk but less thick than a milk shake. Slightly sour. The longer the ferment the more sour.   Kefir that is fermented longer - past the Kefir stage becomes Curds and Whey and the longer Curds and Whey is fermented the more whey. Curds and Whey is how cheese is made. 

To produce 1 cup (250 ml) of Kefir it takes about 2-5 grams kefir grains/seeds at a proportion of 2–5% grains-to-milk. A teaspoon of kefir grains contains roughly 4.2 grams. Depending upon how active the kefir grains/seeds are one teaspoon may produce 1-2 cups of kefir on a daily bases -grow and multiply - forever!

Kefir is a ongoing, continuous ferment. Starts with milk then kefir then curds & whey and then cheese. You choose when its right for you. There are variables such as Time, Temperature, ratio of grains to milk, type of milk and personal preferences. Unlike store bought kefir, which is neutered, treated, and altered to stay "frozen" in time in taste and texture, living, live Kefir Grains are all natural and continues to ferment through all its phases and each phase is healthy and beneficial - without any additives, chemicals or alterations. Just natural functional real food. Live Kefir Grains will continue to produce more and more Kefir - FOREVER !

Basic Kefir Recipe:

Use one spoonful of Milk Grains per cup of milk. 

Use pinch or two of cocoa per cup of milk. May be added at the start or after the grains are removed. Recommend after the grains are removed. 

Cocoa will turn the milk white grains chocolatey brown and carry over to the next ferment. The color will disappear when you rinse the grains. 

Use any Pasteurized Milk but Whole Pasteurized Milk is recommended. 

* Ultra Pasteurized is not recommended as it is inconsistent do unpredictable. Most brands (not all) of Organic Milk have been Ultra Pasteurized  are not recommended. 

Cover with a cloth, paper towel, coffee filter. 

The warmer the temperature the faster the ferment. The colder the longer it takes. Typically 12-24 hours. 

Good Kefir will be semi-sweet and thicker than milk - more like a milkshake.

Over-fermented kefir separates into Curds (the white portion) and whey (the clear part). Still healthy but sour and not appealing. More details included in our free kefir book or online library. 

When ready remove the grains and drink the kefir.

note: the most difficult part of making kefir is retrieving all the grains. Although our Kefir Grains loves freedom and to roam, getting them back for another ferment is easier and more convenient with a Tea Ball, strainer, or cheese cloth bag. Easy just place the grains in the tea ball, place the tea ball in the fresh milk, dunk a few times, cover and ferment. When ready just remove the tea ball and place in a waiting new cup of milk, dunk a few times and ferment. Our  1 1/2 + 2 inch tea balls can hold enough grains for 3-4 cups of milk. We also have larger tea balls and tea bags  available.  

You can add some cocoa and/or fruits, herbs, spices, cereals. Drink now or refrigerate for later. Keep a tight fitting cap to last longer. Just note that every day the kefir will sour just a little bit more. 

Place the grains in the fridge until ready to start another batch.

We have published online  our Kefir Recipe and Guide in our Library and Research Center. 

 Our Kefir Support Page

The typical signs of Kefir being ready to drink

1, when you tilt the glass the kefir sticks more to the sides than milk (which would be runny)
2. The glass of kefir feels heavier than when it was milk
3, The smell would be on the pleasant side - different than the aroma of milk
4. The taste would be Bland to slightly Sour
5. Kefir would be thicker than milk, but not as thick as yogurt. More like a thin milk shake.
6. Not rancid (as regular Whole Milk) would be.

not sure: send us a picture! we guarantee we can help you get started.

Cocoa Information.Buy More Cocoa


Kefir is a great way to both savor delicious food and feel awesome. Add it to your smoothie, use it for pancakes or just drink it as it is. This superfood is a must-have in your refrigeration. Check this article to learn more about kefir and its benefits.

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