Traditional Milk Kefir Crystals . Raw Live, never frozen or dried.

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Happy Herbalist's Prized Live Milk Kefir Grains.  Gluten Free  Keto Friendly

 Two bacteria walk into a bar. The bartender says, “We don’t serve bacteria here.” The bacteria say ...“But we work here. We’re staph."

Don't forget to download (or add to your cart) our Free eBook Milk Ferments 

We guarantee we can help you get started. Follow our simply recipe, take a picture; text or email us. If we  can't help you we will Replace or Refund. 

What is kefir?

visit our  Kefir Support Page

Kefir GRAINS or seeds, as they’re sometimes called, contain Billions of probiotic lactobacillus bacteria per gram that form small clusters or colonies of Grains (seeds) that have been used for centuries to make our food safe & healthy. There are roughly 5 grams per teaspoon.

Kefir GRAINS (seeds) are like pieces of rice or popcorn. or small pieces of tiny cauliflower Ferments milk into kefir.

KEFIR is the fermented milk, harvested at the right time of your choosing. 

Kefir is not yogurt. Kefir is not spoonable. Although there are recipes to make your kefir thicker, the typical kefir recipe produces a drink a bit thicker than milk but less thick than a milk shake. Slightly sour. The longer the ferment the more sour.   Kefir that is fermented longer - past the Kefir stage becomes Curds and Whey and the longer Curds and Whey is fermented the more whey. Curds and Whey is how cheese is made. 

To produce 1 cup (250 ml) of Kefir it takes about 2-5 grams  kefir grains/seeds at a proportion of 2–5% grains-to-milk. A teaspoon of kefir grains contains roughly 4.2 grams. Depending upon how active the kefir grains/seeds are one teaspoon may produce 1-2 cups of kefir on a daily bases -grow and multiply - forever!

Kefir is a ongoing, continuous ferment. Starts with milk then kefir then curds & whey and then cheese. You choose when its right for you. There are variables such as Time, Temperature, ratio of grains to milk, type of milk and personal preferences. Unlike store bought kefir, which is neutered, treated,  and altered to stay "frozen" in time in taste and texture, living, live Kefir Grains are all natural and continues to ferment through all its phases and each phase is healthy and beneficial - without any additives, chemicals or alterations. Just natural functional real food. Live Kefir Grains will continue to produce more and more Kefir - FOREVER !


 What you receive 

Natural live - never frozen or dehydrated -  Kefir GRAINS (seeds) Shipped in BPA-free FDA approved package heat sealed and guaranteed*  to produce healthy Kefir. When you receive our Kefir, we recommend to refrigerate the package unopened until ready to use. The sooner you start fermenting the better. We guarantee our Kefir for 30 days. If you are unsure or have questions or are not satisfied for any reason text us and include pictures and what your concern is

Do not toss out until you contact us.  If our kefir fails we will replace or refund. 


Contains: Enough to make 1-2 cups of Kefir.  As they grow and multiple it will continue to make more + more kefir for a lifetime. 

These Grains will grow and multiple. After you confirmed our Grains are alive and working then you can use with any milk (except Ultra-Pasteurized), right from the fridge, no heating or cooking required. Raw milk or Goats milk is great (sometimes a bit lumpy). Coconut Milk, Almond and Nut Milk all work, but the Kefir Grains may get a bit sluggish and need to be refreshed back with some regular milk.  All milks are different as are all milk substitutes. see details in our free eBook Milk Ferments 

TEXT Support  919-518-3336  include Order ID or name ordered under)

 Contact Us  before you toss out or discard  via our online return & Refund for online. 


Many thanks to the good doctor Eric Berg ( for his kind words on his show. 

Huge Thank You DR Berg for your recommendation and encouragement.

Health tips: take 1/2 cup of kefir at night to help with sleep.

plus a great many more helpful Health information


Lactose intolerant?  Our hungry kefir feeds on lactose  (milk sugar).  Kefired Milk will be lower in lactose - the more sour the less the lactose. Just a little patience and voila - real healthy milk kefir.

For those that prefer not to use any dairy we suggest our WATER-KEFIR. Where Milk Kefir loves Lactose (milk sugar) Water Kefir love sugar, table sugar, organic sugar, molasses, honey, fruits, vegetables, they are just happy to eat. Produces noticeable carbonation, and slightly more alcohol. Mother Teresa gave it to the serving children she attended and it literally saved thousands. It is a great digestive aid, More energetic and not as filling as Milk Kefir. Milk Kefir is a better sleeping aid and more nourishing.  

Milk Kefir or Water Kefir - you  may also use Coconut Milk or different nut milks and we have a recipe for Rice Milk included in our free eBook. Got Milk 

Our 30 Page Kefir Guide available as a PDF Online (free download) with recipes from doin a simple start and daily maintenance to what to do when you escape on that much needed vacation. To making Kefir smoothies or making easy overnight Kefir cheese spreads and kefir hard cheese's. How about adding fresh fruits? Make Kefir Beer! or serve your own personalized Kefir vinegar. 

We have been selling live Kefir Cultures online since 2005. And live Goat Kefir Cultures since 2022 (who we are

Our Kediri Cultures/Grains/Seeds have neve been frozen, dehydrated or dried. They are fed daily and come from a happy home. 

We ship worldwide please read our Shipping and Return Policy 

 What type of milk to use?

To Start and to confirm our Kefir is healthy please use Whole Milk.
Whole Milk - Vitamin D - Pasteurized - Homogenized is all Whole Cow Milk.

Whole Milk. Available at your local grocery stores and cows everywhere.

Most any Whole Milk that is Pasteurized  will be good.. If at all possible avoid for now; Raw Goat Milk, Raw Milk, Avoid Ultra Pasteurized  (UHT or HTST)  Vat Pasteurized is good to use. We do not recommend Milk, 1%, 2%, Non Fat, Half & Half, Lactose Free, Dry Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Nut Milks. Any of these you can use later, but to start  use only Whole Milk - please. note: all commercial milk is pasteurized - which kills things. Pasteurized milk leaves the cream at the top - hides the grains and appears to be separating. Homogenized simply blends the cream with the milk more evenly and easier to determine whether Kefir Grains are working or not. Vitamin D is added to all milk for health reasons. Raw milk has "life". Its own life which dose not go "bad" it simply sours and Clabbers almost as if its Kefir. Many brands of Organic Milk contains additives simply to extend shelf life - some for 6 months! Coconut, Rice, Soy and nut milks may be used later but Milk Kefir Grains do their best in real milk with Lactose (milk Sugar)

See our BLOG on the Best Milk for Kefir and Yogurts. 

Kefir will work with the other milks, but for us its very predictable and consistent and faster and easier for us to confirm that our Kefir Grains are healthy and safe.

Not all milk is the same. Same type of milk but different Brands may produce different results as well. To discover the best milk contact your local cheese-making group. They will know which and where to get the best milk to make the best kefir - which really is going from milk to curds and whey and on to cheese from there.

be sure to visit our  Kefir Support Page

Basic Kefir Recipe: (after our Simple Start confirms our Grains are healthy

1)  Place the grains in glass of  Milk,

     Use one spoonful of Kefir Grains to 1-2 cups of milk.

     Use milk right from the refrigerator. No boiling required. 

2)  Set on the counter and cover with a cloth, napkin, or coffee filter. Secure with a rubber band.

      And the next day you have KEFIR ! 

      Time & Temperature & Type of Milk play a role. Typically its 24-36 hours at "room temperature- 74-78F" 

     The warmer the faster it's finished. The more Kefir Grains to Milk ratio, the faster, The colder the slower, the less Grains the slower. 

     note: the first time, and whenever there is a change in the Kefir Grains Routine there may be a "lag time"  typically taking longer as the kefir grains are adjusting to their new environment, and recover form their travels where they may have gone dormant. 

Kefir is "ready" when its not too sweet  nor to sour. That is a very individual choice. Realize the longer it ferments the more sour it becomes. and  separate into "curds" and "whey". Curds and Whey is the process of converting the Curds into cheese.  

The typical signs of Kefir being ready to drink

1, when you tilt the glass the kefir sticks more to the sides Main Sign 
2. The glass of kefir feels heavier than when it was milk
3, The smell would be on the pleasant side - different than the aroma of milk
4. The taste would be Bland to slightly Sour
5. Kefir would be thicker than milk, but not as thick as yogurt. More like a thin milk shake.
6.  the first appearance of Whey (clear liquid typically on the bottom but also on the top) and Curds (white globules usually floating on top) . As the kefir ferments  more and more Whey appears. The more Whey the more sour (and the more healthier acids are formed) and the stronger the odor. 

not sure! text us a picture 919-518-3336 or email We guarantee we can help or send a free replacement or refund. 


Kefir is fermented Milk. Kefir is alive and changes milk to Kefir (major sign is the kefir sticking to the sides of the glass) then to Curds (milk fat typically floating on top) then to Curds & Whey, and then to more and more Whey. and onto cheese. Kefir will be slightly thicker than milk and becomes more and more sour as its fermented. Kefir is ready  and harvested according to the individual's preference (sweet / sour). You can drink the Kefir, eat the Curds (mostly milk fat) or drink the whey. Whey is bitter/sour and has most of the minerals. - and  a Complete Protein with all the amino acids. Whey is sold in Health Food Stores in a powdered form. You can also use whey to marinade vegetables, and meats, and mix in shakes and smoothies. All healthy. - but tends to be smelly and not pleasant taste (for most) most folks refer to Curds & Whey as being “over-fermented”.  Curds + Whey mixed together is healthier but not that pleasant smell or taste. Mix with fresh fruit (bananas for example). Add more milk and refrigerate overnight another method. Home-made Kefir is NOT thick. For a thicker kefir you can  add  1/2 & 1/2, or a teaspoon of Dry Milk.   Kefir does not go bad - it continues to ferment - Kefir will continue to ferment even in the refrigerator.  For thicker creamier kefir use a higher ratio of grains to milk (tablespoon of grains to 10 ounces of milk) and allow to ferment typically for one week. Another method (the one I use) is to harvest your kefir while it's still sweet and just before the appearance of any whey, remove the grains and leave in the fridge for another day or two.  


3)   Remove the Kefir Grains. 

     Stir and Strain the kefir to separate the Kefir from the Kefir Grains. 

note: the most difficult part of making kefir is retrieving all the grains. Although our Kefir Grains loves freedom and to roam, getting them back for another ferment is easier and more convenient with a Tea Ball, strainer, or cheese cloth bag. Easy just place the grains in the tea ball, place the tea ball in the fresh milk, dunk a few times, cover and ferment. When ready just remove the tea ball and place in a waiting new cup of milk, dunk a few times and ferment. Our 1 1/2 + 2 inch tea balls can hold enough grains for 3-4 cups of milk. We also have larger tea balls and tea bags available.


We offer a variety of Quality Strainers & Filters;  Stainless Steel Filters, Cloth Filter; Muslin, Cotton, Mesh as well as cheesecloth      

You can use any kitchen strainer depending upon the size of the holes.  The kefir does not stay in contact long enough for any adverse reaction. Stirring helps speed the process. Kefir GRAINS are tough and rubbery, and bounce back under pressure. Curds will disappear under slight pressure or upon stirring. Do not rinse with water. If need be rinse with fresh milk (or your choice) and then recycle back into the new ferment. There is no need to remove all the curds from the grains, and the curds will help the new feremnt along a bit faster. 

     Set the Grains aside in a bit of milk in the fridge until you're ready to start a new batch.

     Kefir is the thicker-than-milk portion. Like a smoothie. Drink fresh or refrigerate (thickens a bit) or mix with cereals or blend for a smoothie. 

If its still milky just when you started or smells bad (should have a pleasant smell) don't throw it out until you give us a call. 

It is that Simple, Easy, and Healthy.

We have published online  our Kefir Recipe and Guide in our Library and Research Center. 

What is the difference in the Kefir Grains: Live - Dried -Powdered -  Frozen 

Our Milk Kefir Grains  have never been frozen or dried. are always alive, raw and active, though they get sleepy when traveling.   “Live Kefir Grains” Live Milk Kefir Grains will grow, multiple and reproduce and as long as you continue to keep them happy they will continue to keep you healthy. “Dry Kefir Grains” (or their powder form) make a great glass but do not grow and multiply. Dehydrated Kefir Grains have to be re-cultured, work but really don't grow. Once Frozen Kefir Grains may not 100% re-culture. 

You can make great kefir with any type of milk. Harald Tietze in his Kefir Book said, Kefir makes bad milk (meaning the typical commercial store bought variety) into good milk. BUT  ... there's  A Better Whey ... check out their Good Milk List.  You can also pick up cheese recipes and equipment here. . 

Milk Kefir VERSUS Water kefir

While Milk Kefir provides significant amounts of protein as well as probiotics and prebiotics, Water Kefir can be a significant probiotic and prebiotic source for vegans and people who are allergic to dairy products. Milk Kefir Grains have more nutritional content compared to Water kefir Grains, although Water Kefir has a wider variety of different microbiological composition. The main beneficial acid (Lactic Acid) is higher in Milk Kefir Grains while Alcohol Levels are Higher in Water Kefir. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine Milk Kefir is Yin nourishing and restful. Water Kefir is Yang and energetic especially when combined with Ginseng. In the same class as Water Kefir is Ginger Beer Plant. Ginger Beer is refreshing, energetic (yang) with special attention to the Stomach & Spleen. helping to settle disturbances in the stomach and digestive issues.  All these grains are important for their potential health benefits.

How to nourish and Feed Your Kefir

With the Incredible healing power of Dutch Dark Cocoa (Chocolate)
Cocoa is a Pre-ProBiotic. Cocoa nourishes and benefits our ProBiotics so they in turn can benefit us. Probiotics like those in Kombucha, Jun, Ginger Beer, and Kefir will all be enhanced and in turn we will be!

According to Dr Mercola Your Gut Bacteria Help Unlock Dark Cocoa’s Anti-Inflammatory and antioxidant Powers, and probiotics are in turn nourished by Cocoa.

The study found your gut bacteria breaks down and ferments the components in dark chocolate, turning them into anti-inflammatory compounds that benefit your heart and health. In particular, Probiotics like Bifidobacterium and LAB bacteria "feasted" on chocolate, and made other foods which we trouble digesting more digestible. and bioavailable to our body.

Chocolate is linked to 40+ Health Benefits.-- Although Milk will reduce the benefits it does not eliminate those benefits. So we recommend Dark chocolate – as high in cacao and as bitter as you can stand. Cocoa is also a Pre-ProBiotic. Meaning it feeds and nourishes the good bacteria in our bodies, like lactobacillus found in in Kefir.

 Real Milk, Fresh from the farm is our recommendation. and GOATS MILK fresh from the farmer is absolutely the healthiest. 

We do offer a very limited Goats Milk Kefir Culture / grains /seeds we are able to secure from a local off the grids goat farmer who has bred and fed their Kefir Culturess exclusively from their herd of Mini-La-Manchas.

It has been a long-term goal of the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) to have legal access to raw milk in all 50 states. That day is getting closer; there are currently 43 states that allow legal access to raw milk through either sales for human consumption, pet milk or distribution through herdshare agreements. When we started A Campaign for Real Milk in 1999, that number was only 27. The states without any legal access are Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey and Rhode Island.


Kefir is a great way to both savor delicious food and feel awesome. Add it to your smoothie, use it for pancakes or just drink it as it is. This superfood is a must-have in your refrigeration. Check this article to learn more about kefir and its benefits.

 If for any reason you are not satisfied with any of our products you may return for a full purchase price refund or credit within 30 days after date of shipping by notifying us using this form.  Shipping charges are non-refundable.   Items must be received in a good, sellable condition. and not damaged in any way. We do recommend items to be returned with a Tracking number and insured. 

EXCEPTIONS: PROBIOTICS (Kombucha, Jun, Ginger Beer, Water Crystals, Japanese Water Crystals, Milk Kefir, Water kefir, Caspian Sea Yogurt)

All probiotics have a 30 day guarantee - when following our directions; There are many dishonest people that try to take advantage of small businesses and have us send replacement after replacement, which is why we've had to amend our policies. Sometimes instructions may be confusing or people are unsure if it is working or not. Probiotics are a learning process that we would like to help each and every one of our customers with. Unfortunately we can't send a replacement without knowing your steps and attempting to help you through this. You agree to give us the time to help you.  Send us a picture via text (919-518-3336) of your ferment, your grains, type of milk (Brand) and your household temperature. along with your details and concerns. 

Must contact us first using this form before tossing or giving up on your ferment. We will help you set up and establish your probiotic. After discussing the probiotic, the process, and potential changes to get the most out of your probiotic, if your reasonable expectations have still not been met, we offer a full purchase price refund for any probiotic.  All items must be returned in good condition to receive any refund. It is at our sole discretion if any probiotic needs to be returned for a refund.  If you receive our probiotic and have not used it, you can complete this form and return for a full refund. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Our Online Return Policy



Warranty Information

* Free replacements shipped or purchase price refunded or credited as you choose per our Refund Policy.

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53 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Jason on 20th Sep 2022

    Very very good!

  • 5
    Kefir Live Grains

    Published by Leslie Friedman on 19th Sep 2022

    The kefir is delicious. More than delicious. Beyond scrumptious. The word has been coin yet to describe how good it tastes. And the grains are so easy to use. Thanks Happy Herbalist. You’ve made us very happy with your product!

  • 5
    Kefir bacteria

    Published by Thammy Flores on 19th Sep 2022

    Very nice! I got the bacterias and every time I have more grains. And I’m able to do more kefir every time. I love it.

  • 3
    Kefir live grains

    Published by Linda Freightenburgh on 13th Sep 2022

    Do not like the smell or taste Very inconvenient

  • 5

    Published by Linda on 12th Sep 2022

    So easy & so tasty. Great instructions. I keep a batch going all the time.

  • 3
    Kefir grains

    Published by Lisa A on 11th Sep 2022

    Oh boy it's a challenge. I followed directions and the first 4 or 5 attempts It was the consistency of milk and sour, not sure if I have been drinking plain old sour milk or kefir. Finally put in more milk got somewhat thicker kefir, next day thin again. Today I separated the grains and used about a cup of milk again I will see what happens tomorrow. Definitely trial and error. I don't think I'm very good at making Kefir. But I think the grains I purchased are working? I haven't felt ill from drinking it yet.

  • 3
    Read description carefully

    Published by Hélène on 9th Sep 2022

    The amount is a TEASPOONFUL. This will culture a single cup. Be aware of this tiny amount for the price. I’m hoping this turns out to be phenomenal kefir grains that get (relatively) huge and sturdy for this price. Be aware also it will take a long time to grow them to large enough to culture a qt at once, which is what even a small family would need. We drink it twice daily so we use a half gallon daily. I’m hoping it will get there sooner rather than later. We are straining the grains out and reusing immediately so I can’t speak to how well they wait in the fridge when dormant.

  • 5

    Published by Phyllis Daly on 6th Sep 2022

    An update and correction on my last review. Your product arrived today and I could not be happier. I am so looking forward to this. It seems to be such a great product and a wonderful way to get high quality nutrition. Thank you so much.

  • 5
    Kefir grains

    Published by David Phelps on 5th Sep 2022

    Excellent culture, my Kefir is doing great and tastes wonderful.

  • 5
    I think I'm off to a good start

    Published by Kyle on 4th Sep 2022

    I'm new to Kefir. First heard of it 3 years ago and tried it for the first time about a month ago. It was store bought and I liked it, except for the price. I watched some YouTube videos about it and learned that I can make it myself. I can't remember which video I watched but they gave the Happy Herbalist's name. I ordered the grains and gave it a try. It tastes different than the store bought kind, but I like it, and I've learned that what I'm making is more healthy! I've got a lot to learn still, but I am enjoying this learning experience. It is really hard to mess up. I would recommend buying this product as it has worked great for me!

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