Best Milk for Kefir  & Yogurts

Best Milk for Kefir & Yogurts

Published by ED Kasper on 17th Nov 2022

All milk is not equal.

Our recommended milk is Whole Pasteurized Milk.

or Whole Homogenized Milk that is not Ultra Pasteurized

 Best bet:  Local source and pasteurized or  raw milk with inspections.

AVOID  where possible. Ultra Pasteurized, A2 Milk, and milk treated with Antibiotics, and cows injected with genetically emgingeered hormones rBGH (rBST) and other additives.

We encourage checking out your local cheese - making group. As they know not all milk is equal. Hopefully they can recommend a good milk in your area. - and Kefir does make for some great cheese.

The following brands may be produced with rBGH;

Colombo (General Mills)

Kemps (aside from “Select” brand)

Land O’ Lakes




All Organic Milk is not equal.


 # 1 above offers both Pasteurized and Ultra Pasteurized.

#2 Only Ultra Pasteurized, so please avoid

#3 Only Pasteurized and is our # 1 Choice for Best Milk from a healthy cow

Natural by Nature:  Organic, Grass fed  and not -UHT

Our # 1 Top Spot for Goats Milk  is Summerhill . 

Companies in Ultra-Pasteurized Milk & Milk Products


Beware of Milk form these sources. 

Agropur Inc. (Maplewood, MN)

Anderson Dairy Inc. (Las Vegas, NV)

Auburn Dairy Products Inc.

Aurora Organic Dairy

C.F. Burger Creamery Co.

Conagra Foods (Indianapolis, IN)

Cumberland Dairy Inc.

Darigold Inc. (Boise, ID)

Darigold Inc. (Portland, OR)

Farmland Dairies LLC

Garelick Farms LLC (Lynn, MA)

H. P. Hood LLC (Oneida, NY)

H. P. Hood LLC (Philadelphia, PA)

H. P. Hood LLC (Sacramento, CA)

H. P. Hood LLC (Winchester, VA)


Instantwhip-Buffalo Inc.

Jackson-Mitchell Inc.

Jasper Products (Joplin, MO)

Model Dairy

Pleasant View Dairy

Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. (Dayton, OH)

Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. (Granite City, IL)

Schepp's Dairy

Shamrock Foods Co.

Sinton Dairy Foods Co. LLC

Smith Dairy Products Company/Dairy Enterprises Inc.

Southeast Dairy Proc Inc.

Steuben Foods Inc.

Straus Family Creamery Inc. (Petaluma, CA)

Stremicks Heritage Foods (Santa Ana, CA)

Stremicks Heritage Foods (Santa Ana, CA)

Ultra Dairy LLC

Wayne Dairy Products

Western Quality Foods

White Wave Foods Co. (City Of Industry, CA)

White Wave Foods Co. (Jacksonville, FL)

Whitewave Foods

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