•  Natural  Body care  with  Rooibos Tea

    31st Jul 2017

    Natural Body care with Rooibos Tea

    Care for your body by using Rooibos Tea. Rooibos Tea provides essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, alpha hydroxyl acid, and iron. these nutrients boost the immune sys…

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  • Kombucha Inspired Ice-Cream

    26th Jul 2017

    Kombucha Inspired Ice-Cream

    Ben & Jerry's esteem ice cream flavor developer (now thats a job for my daughters) Eric Fredette, tells what may be the next ice cream flavor trend.  "There’s a tartness that could make for a…

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  • Dog Days of Summer

    15th Jul 2017

    Dog Days of Summer

    At this time of the year our furry friends get attacked by fleas and ticks and they scratch, chew and bite themselves raw, Sour Kombucha Tea to the rescue. Make simple Kombucha Pet RescueTake you…

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  • History of Wood in Brewing

    24th Sep 2016

    History of Wood in Brewing

    I just finished watching a presentation on the History of Wood in Brewing, sponsored by the American Home Brewers Association (AHBA) Although the talk was all on beer and the benefits of brewing beer…

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  • 18th Sep 2016

    TheHappyHerbalist Now On FaceBook

    We just published our first venture on FaceBook listed our favorite products and set up the process where you can actually buy our products on FaceBook.Pleas…

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  • 16th Sep 2016

    Pay with Apple Pay

    HappyHerbalist’s new simplified and secure checkout experience. with Apple Pay on the Web eliminates the need to manually enter payment and shipping details when using Safari on your Mac, iPhone, and…

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