Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Published by ED Kasper , on 15th Jul 2017

At this time of the year our furry friends get attacked by fleas and ticks and they scratch, chew and bite themselves raw, Sour Kombucha Tea to the rescue. 

Make simple Kombucha Pet Rescue

Take your really sour Komucha Tea, the more sour the better. You want as much as the sugar as possible gone. 

Soak a large clean rag with the sour kombucha . and give your furry friend a complete rub down. 

Works far easier than trying to give them a bath and takes only a few minutes. Great Time Saver. 

You’ll clean them right up, they’ll smell pretty, their hair will be bright and shiny - and clean ! Oh and those hot spots and rashes will start to clear right up - and they’ll bite themselves far less

The magic of the acetic acid does wonders for the skin and hair and the gluconic acid removes the toxins. Works on horses and ALL hairy friends.

Add fresh Kombucha Tea  to your pets drinking bowl. 

Kombucha Tea is also good for dogs. Small amounts and sour. (they don't need the sugar) One teaspoon daily in their water bowl.It helps their hips and joints, puts a spring back in step. 

What about those extra Mushrooms?

Most dogs will also eagerly chew up the kombucha mushroom. But cut in small pieces as they have a tendency to gulp down their food. Dried out or fresh from the batch. If you believe your kombucha has re-engerized you, it'll do the same for your pet. 

Emi.our daughters puppy

Now that you taken care of your best friend, kick back and enjoy a special Kombucha Tea brewed by really great folks at …..

Fresh brewed, bottled Kombucha Tea a probiotic masterpiece. 


When you’re Downtown Los Angeles … Tell them the HappyHerbalist loves their ‘bucha and mission shared. Raw Fermented Probiotic.Real Good Kombucha. (contains about 1.4% ABV)

Get started today brewing your own Kombucha Tea.

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