• Setting up a Kombucha Micro Brewery

    10th May 2020

    Setting up a Kombucha Micro Brewery

    In January 2020, I was invited to help Yogi Super Foods, in Antigua, Guatemala, with setting up their Kombucha Tea Micro Brewery. They requested help with testing and standards, recipes, and processin…

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  • Kombucha ICED Tea

    30th Jun 2019

    Kombucha ICED Tea

    Natural Kombucha Tea makes the perfect Summer Tea for cooling energy anytime of the year but perfect in the summertime. Simple as making ice cubes. Something everyone did back in the 50's. …

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  • Kombucha Coffee

    22nd Jun 2019

    Kombucha Coffee

    Iced Kombucha Tea is refreshing and Healthy. Cold Brewed Coffee is smooth and creamy. Aww  Wonderful  energy and health. Fermented Kombucha Coffee RecipeCold Brewed Coffee RecipeCo…

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  • Kombucha Commercial Brewing Help

    4th Nov 2018

    Kombucha Commercial Brewing Help

    Growing Pains?Thinking of expanding?Just need a little bit of help or advice?HappyHerbalist brewing Kombucha since 1997Free one-hour ConsultationMicro-Brewery Consulting. Cost estimates, Start-up…

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  • Carbonation Without Adding Alcohol

    8th Sep 2018

    Carbonation Without Adding Alcohol

    Now that you created just the most perfect brew. .. You want to maintain that freshness and the carbonation. Flat brew is really not my cup of tea. Most kegging systems costs a few hundred dollars or…

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  • Why Kombucha Mushrooms sink or float.

    1st Sep 2018

    Why Kombucha Mushrooms sink or float.

    Kombucha brewers say “ hey, no worry” while Vinegar folks say “its over” “toss it” “dead”.Even though both may utilize the exact same species of Acetobacter (bacteria) and yeasts, why the difference?H…

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  • Kombucha Home Grilling Sauce Recipe

    30th Jun 2018

    Kombucha Home Grilling Sauce Recipe

    INGREDIENTS: 1 cup Kombucha Tea.   Choose your favorite flavored or Traditional Kombucha Tea. Match the Sweetness / Sourness to your preference. Though the more sour the better and more ten…

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  • Crystals and Kombucha

    27th Apr 2018

    Crystals and Kombucha

    Crystals and KombuchaWhat are Crystals?Crystals are solid materials whose constituents (such as ions, molecules or atoms) are arranged in an extremely ordered microscopic structure and form a crystal…

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