Pu erh Tibetan Mushroom

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Pu erh Mushroom Caps. One (1) Cap per order.

Each cap weights in at about 8 ounces or 248 grams on average.

Vintage 2008. This high grade pu-erh brick tea ages well and makes a very nice conversational piece as well. This is a very well aged and provides a rich smooth character. Fairly easy to break apart for use. Keep covered with paper and in a cool dry area.

Averages around 60 cups of tea. There are roughly 30 grams per ounce.

Breaks up stagnation – especially after a heavy greasy meal. There are studies indicating that this tea can help lower high cholesterol levels. Just by drinking 3-5 cups a day.

This tea has a strong flavor, some say leathery. But others enjoy this immensely As a cup o tea it taste a bit different than when its fermented as in Kombucha. Perhaps that due to less tea being used per typical cup of tea.

As in all pu erh teas don’t forget to rinse the tea in boiling hot water first before steeping the tea to drink. This helps reduce the "dust" and white (non harmful) mold that often forms from the aging process. Don't worry about losing the flavor with a hot rinse. After rinsing Pu erh's can be added to high boiling water and steeped for a very long time. Unlike other teas, Pu erh can produce a quality and flavorful second and even third cup from the same batch. 

We have heard from many Kombucha Tea brewers that when trying pu erh, especially for the first time, that the taste of a cup of pu erh, brewed in the traditional tea method, was not to their liking - rather disliking the taste. However when they used that same te for making Kombucha Tea, the taste of the fermented Kombucha Tea was very different and enjoyable.  

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