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Great Puerh Toucha Vintage 2003 Rare Find

Pu erh Mushroom Caps. Some call this shape Birds Nest. Thouhj Birds Nest are typically this shape just much larger. 

One piece. ~ 100 grams about 3 ounces 

At 3 grams per cup (slightly less than a level teaspoon) you can make about 30 cups. Each cup may be infused again 2-3 times. Rinse the tea with boiling water immediately prior to use and discard that water. 

I use about 10 - 12 grams per gallon of water to make Kombucha Tea. Still great taste yet not as earthy. 

Drink a cup after meals, especially those  heavy greasy meals to aid digestion. A good pick me up after a brutal hang-over. 

Made from fermented Meng Hai tender tea leaves and fresh water, and then tightly compressed into a bird's nest shape, these are excellent for storage and aging.  A very pleasing and deliciously sweet earthy fragrance and taste. 

There are three special qualities that one seeks in choosing a pu-erh tea; the section and quality of the leaf (usually 12 grades) the shape of the tea (loose, brick, etc) and the age of the pu-erh. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is this unique pressing and aging process that develops the unique medicinal quality (as well as the taste) to a pu-erh tea. It is this special character that makes pu-erh tea the most Yin of all Chinese teas. (Yin of Yin) and therefore indicated for all liver imbalances.


Becomes better with age. Pu-erh should NOT BE stored in plastic bags, as condensation and futher oxidation may develop and spoil this tea. Store in a cool dry place and wrap in paper tied tight. Traditionally Pu-erh is wrapped in bamboo leaves. Many folks buy the younger tea and simply store away for the future. Check the prices of a good grade pu-erh that is 10-20 years old

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