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4 oz. package. Loose Leaf Tea.

Our Royal Tibetan Pu-erh is Grade A (highest grade) and aged 5 years.

Makes about 60 cups of tea. There are roughly 30 grams per ounce. Each 4-ounce package makes about 10-14 gallons of kombucha tea. 

It is recommended to rinse off a Pu-erh tea before steeping to drink. To do so simply pour boiling water over the amount of tea you plan to use. Discard this liquid. Then place the rinsed off tea in your brewing vessel. High heat and long seeping time increases the flavor and character.

This is a favorite of kombucha enthusiast as its claimed to enhance the kombucha teas overall affect notable in the body aches and pain section. Another advantage is in the teas natural sweetness and less sugar may be used. It’s a ideal tea to use for beginners as this tea does not sour as quickly and hold its pleasant taste a few days longer than typical teas. It is also economical. You need only about 1/2 of what is typically used without sacrificing in taste. It is also the easiest tea for beginners to brew as its almost foolproof. You can use a little bit of tea or a lot. You can steep it briefly or overnight. And when its comes to when is the brew ready, it’s the most forgiving tea. A small amount goes a long way and may be re-used several times. Some folks leave the pu-erh in over night. Nice, never bitter. Strong flavorful, sweet and rich.

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also available our Pure non-alcohol Royal Tibetan Pu-erh Extract 



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