Pu-erh Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Yellow Seal aged 26 years

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Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Yellow Seal vintage 1990

Special Pu erg Aged Tea.  27 years old. Last One in Stock 

.77 pound ~ 350 grams / 12 3/4 ounces

Very Rare  sells on eBay for $95 - $120.00

Pu erh Tea’s are different than other teas. They are like fine wines. When they are harvested and aged. That’s it. You can not be absolutely positive how well life will turn out – until others share what they have gleamed. And then for them, its over. It gets harder and harder to find another.

Makes about 120 cups of tea. Using 1/2 ounce per gallon per Kombucha Brew this cake makes over 30 Gallons of Kombucha Tea. One may use about 1/3 less than their typical kombucha recipe. Pu erh in Kombucha is smoother and lighter than that of a brewed cup of tea. 

Low grade Pu erh tea has a dirty earthy almost leathery aroma and taste. This grade is typically served in southern China restaurants, especially beneficial and welcomed after a heavy greasy meal. Aids digestion and relieves stagnation. 

The longer pu erh is aged the more mellow the aroma and taste. Pu erh has been studied and noted for its cholesterol lowering affects and weight reduction quality. Pu erh aids the body as one's digestion improves ones health improves. 

The value of pu erh increases with age. 4 years is considered a minimum for aroma and taste to greatly improve. Our Yellow Seal is over 26 years old and a rare find. Its strong clean and flowery or camphor like aroma,  produces almost a ginseng aroma. 

For brewing a great cup of tea or a great batch of Kombucha Tea. use about 1/3 less (3 grams) than your typical tea recipe (5 grams). Plus Pu erh releases more flavor the hotter the water and the longer the boil. Pu erh can also make that 2 or 3 cup of tea from the original amount. Pu erh's flavor is almost endless. 

For the greatest flavor, wash your pu erh first. Washing your tea is simply pouring boiling water quickly over the amount of pu erh you intend to use. Then place your pu erh in a cup and add boiling water, or for stronger flavor add to an amount of boiling water to make your pu erh tea. The longer the boil the stronger and more flavorful the tea.  

Another way is after washing, place your pu erh in your drinking cup and sip throughout the day. Adding more hot water throughout the day as needed.

Really a healthy tea.

 This Pu erh Factory produces one of the best and most desirable teas in the world. When the pu erh leaves are first harvested and shaped into cakes it is very reasonably priced. These young pu erh cakes are available for just a few dollars typically $8 or $9 apiece. As they age and mature the taste is greatly improved as well as its value. This makes for an excellent investment opportunity and a cherished gift. 

For example there are pu erh yellow seal cakes - from the same production factory and type of tea as we offer above selling on EBay for $120, and on and the internet for $$Thousands of dollars. 

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Pu-erh Yunnan Chi Tse Beeng Cha Yellow Seal 26 Year Old

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