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Essiac Tea

Original Formula 

Certified Organic Burduck Root, Sheep Sorrel, Indian Rhubarb, Slippery Elm

  Four ounces bulk herb ~ 1 cup makes 4 Quarts 

4 Qt Recipe plus booklet  Includes 4 extra large t-bags for your convenience. Divide the contents into 4 equal parts, makes one quart at a time. Keep refrigerated.  4 quarts total. One gallon or 128 ounces enough for 128 days at the recommended dosage. Following the recommended dosage this makes 128 ounces of essiac tea. One takes one ounce of this tea and mixes into 2 ounces of warm water and takes before bedtime. Therefore this one 4 ounce packet could last over 4 months.  

There are 4 large tea bags in each order.

Four ounces total bulk herb = 1 cup. According to the most common recipe one cup  makes 4 Quarts of essiac tea. Many folks dilute that to one cup of essiac loose bulk tea to make 2 gallons of liquid essiac tea. Comes with our booklet with different ideas on its use.


One Common Quick Recipe is to take one teaspoon of essiac (about 1/7 ounce) and pour boiling water over it. Allow to steep for 5 minutes, strain and drink.

Additional recipes included in our booklet (included with each order). This method would produce about a 32 day supply. 


Original Recipe: Boil one quart (1000 ml) water. Add one T-Bag, bring back to a boil. Turn Off Heat. Cover and let sit 12 hours. Return to boil. Remove T-Bag. When cool pour into a one-quart glass container (mason jar) and cap. Will keep for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator. Discard any tea not used within this period. Renee Caisse suggested one ounce of essiac tea with two ounces of hot water at bedtime (on an empty stomach, about 2 - 3 hours after supper) every other day, continued for 32 days, then take one ounce every 3 days. Today some people recommend 4 ounces per day some take 6 ounces of tea daily some folks go to a "tolerance level." We include our  booklet with helpful hints on dosages and preparations as well as a guide for pets, children, and those in recovery. The University of Texas-Houston said of this formula; "promote health, strengthen the immune system, improve appetite, relieve pain, improve overall quality of life and shrink the size of tumors.  

 As always interventions should be individually judged. A healthy robust individual can take much stronger doses and more often than a frail bed ridden individual.

 Essiac Extract 30 ml (~one fl ounce) European Dropper Bottle

 Shake 2-3 times into a warm glass of ~ 3 ounces of warm water. Recommended to take before bedtime on an empty stomach.  May be repeated as determined. Keep refrigerated. Lasts about 30 days. 


A Chinese medicinal viewpoint (by Ed Kasper LAc. (Licensed Acupuncturist, retired) Ed has been trained and tested for competency in the prescription of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine by the State of California.)

Essiac, used as a popular formula for cancer patients and other auto-immune conditions. This formula was made famous by Renee Caisse who was told of its use by the Ojibwa (or Ojibwa) Native American tribe.  Essiac is Renee's last name spelled backwards. This is a well balanced formula, designed to 'cleanse the blood' of 'toxins'. Many folks use this formula to help their liver and to regain their lost momentum.    

In terms of Chinese herbal medicine criteria; essiac is largely focused on clearing heat from the blood and in the Chinese theory of disorders caused by Warm Diseases, and to some degree, relieving blood stasis.  

Normally this prescription would be contraindicated for Spleen Qi or Yang Deficient patients, Kidney Yang Deficient patients with Cold, or in later, debilitated stages of cancer.  However, when following recommended dosages (even at the very high dosage rate suggested) this herbal formula is a very weak (meaning diluted) formula. The body readily accepts the formula under even such adverse conditions as chemotherapy.   

1) Regarding other ingredients.  Red Clover is cool, sour and clears heat from the blood.  similar to Mu Dan Pi

2) Sheep sorrel is also sour, cool, astringent , and clears blood heat. 

3) Burdock Root is from the same plant as Niu Bang Zi/sm. arctium lappa which is a wind/heat clearing medicinal.  The root is used in western herbal medicine, again, to clear heat from the blood. 

4) Slippery Elm is bland, sweet and neutral, regulating the spleen, stomach and large intestine.  Helps to balance this prescription. 

5) Rhubarb (untreated, unlike much of the Chinese Da Huang, mostly wine-fried) clears heat from the blood and drains it from the bowels.  In this formula, it's precipitating effect would depend on how long it is cooked in this formula. 

 This formula works very well along with Kombucha Tea and Harald Tietze, western herbalist and Kombucha author ha recommended taking this formula together. 

 We blend these herbs to the following proportions; 27% Burdock: 55% Sheep Sorrel: 4% Indian Rhubarb: 14% Slippery Elm. Certified organic herbs and cut and sifted (c/s) not powdered. Powdered herbs are greatly reduced in potency compared to C/S. We choose to use all Certified Organic Herbs because delicate conditions may be adversely affected by pesticides and chemicals used in commercial production.


Caution and side affects. Nausea or indigestion, generally caused by eating or drinking too soon before or after drinking the tea. Intestinal or digestive discomfort, caused principally as the body tries to eliminate toxins. This function is notably achieved by Rhubarb and Slippery Elm, both laxatives. This action is reduced by the recommended second boiling of the herbs (see booklet). If the toxins cannot be released via the normal method (through the urine and stool) it may be expelled through the skin as well. Such reactions as skin rash fever and chills. These reactions are commonly referred to as a healing crisis. But may also be an allergic reaction. Some people are allergic to Elm and therefore to Slippery Elm Bark. Sheep Sorrel should be avoided if on a low oxylate diet. Be sure to drink fresh pure water with our herbal remedies. We recommend drinking 1/2 of your weight in ounces of fresh pure water daily. So if you weigh 100 pounds drink 50 ounces of fresh pure water (distilled recommended). If discomfort occurs, stop taking the tea for several days until feeling better. Then begin taking it again at half the dose you were taking and then only take every other day. Gradually increase the interval and dosage to the desired levels.


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