Activated charcoal

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Four ounces about one cup of Activated charcoal.

One gram 1/30 ounce of charcoal has a surface area of over 14,000 square feet.

Treats poisonings, stomach gas and bloating, bile problems like cholesterols and cholestasis. Treats food poisoning, hangovers, drug overdoses, filters water, aquariums, digestive cleanse, Detox, and whitens teeth.

In brewing filters out methanol (toxic alcohol) and other impurities, which can adversely affect color, taste and odor of the ferment. 

We recommend to first quickly rinse the amount of charcoal you plan to use. This removes the dust and particles. We also use cheesecloth, coffee filters, or our extra large T-bags and culinary cloth bags. Stainless still filters Makes it easier to clean up after. 

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