Stevia Leaf. Certified Organic


Stevia Leaf. Certified Organic  4 ounce cut and sifted leaf
Botanical Name: Stevia rebaudiana A
Common Names: Kaa he-he, sweet herb of Paraguay, caa-ehe, honey leaf, sweet leaf,

Natural plant leaf has zero glycemic index and zero calories Super Sweet
A few recommended uses. Grind in a coffee blender for a finer powder. Or use the bulk herb in t-bags. or coffee maker.
Use whole for coffee and teas. Use in Probiotic Ferments like Kombucha, Water Kefir, to sweeten directly in the ferment, when bottling or added just prior to drinking. Sweeten to taste. Add with other Herbs and Spices, like Elderberry or Hawthorne when making wine, jellies. Healthy Elixirs, and home remedies like cough medicine and cold and flu aids. Fantastic with Super Green Foods in Protein drinks, Smoothies and Yogurts, and Probiotic Drinks.
Recommended for Kombucha Tea and Probiotic drinks that are a little on the sour and acetic side. As a source of potassium and magnesium Stevia helps balance the acids, making the acids more readily bioavailable while smoothing and sweetening the taste.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
reduce blood sugar by about 18%
Lose Weight
Oral Health, tooth decay, Gingivitis
Osteoporosis Bone Health
Source of Fiber
Source of Iron
Source of Potassium
Source of Magnesium
Skin and hair Health
SWEET food and drink additive

Height 4.00
Width 2.00
Depth 6.00
Sku Stevia4oz
Stevia Leaf. Certified Organic. Stevia rebaudiana A. Kaa he-he, sweet herb of Paraguay, caa-ehe, honey leaf, sweet leaf,
Stevia natural organic sweetener, Healthy. great in Protein Drinks, Smoothies, Yogurts, Kombucha, Water Kefir, Kefir, Probiotic Soda's. Weight loss