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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Welcome to our Functional Foods and Natural Health Website. 

Here foods are our medicine and medicine our food
(Hippocrates, father of modern medicine)

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We help you step by step to make Kombucha Mushroom Tea exactly how you want it to be. Guaranteed Success.

Ed Kasper has been a leading advocate of safe and healthy kombucha since 1997. He has served as a consultant and advisor to several national, regional and local kombucha brewers, including many kombucha brewers online.
If you are looking to find locally brewed Kombucha Mushroom Tea please visit your Local Kombucha Brewers, and if you're ready to start your own simply click on the icons to get started today.

Ed was professional trained and tested for competency in acupuncture and in the prescription of herbal medicine by the State of California. Retired 2011, Ed continues to practice homeopathy, herbs and alternative healing. As well as helping around the house.
HappyHerbalist Happy Kombucha
wondering why your kombucha was removed from the store shelves? And now its back! here's the story
Sue grew up in Tianjin, China and was a traditional Chinese nurse. Now running  and devoting time to raising our  daughters age 9 & 15, and telling Ed what to do.
built for you! 

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Custom Made Kombucha Elixirs the Kombucha Mushroom Tea of Your choice

Kombucha Mushroom Tea is magical. It is easy and very inexpensive to make. It just takes the kombucha culture, sugar, water and tea.

We also produce kombucha extracts and elixirs made especially for your needs;

Kombucha Mushrooms are easily made into extracts and drops. We give detailed information in our Library and are happy to share information with you. It can be used in a great variety of ways. We make it into extracts, concentrations, drops, and a hydrosol or distillation. Kombucha has fantastic Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes and we use it for many of our herbal elixirs. Many useful folk remedies can be made using everyday herbs and spices, and used right along with your meals.




cayenne extract


Kombucha Tea

Ready Made

Ready to Drink

Traditional Organic Kombucha Mushroom Tea kombucha2000 Pronatur Kombucha Tea Dr Sklenar original recipe
  HappyHerbalist Kombucha2000 Pronatura Brand

HappyHerbalist Moose Mushroom Hunting

Diet and life-style are the single-most important element in health, both in the preventive and in the recovery realm.  Probiotics are Functional Foods for life

  Kefir        Viili        Caspian Sea Yogurt       Ginger Beer       Water Crystals


Kefir is also a  SCOBY  

Serendipitous Colonies of Bacteria and Yeasts

form Kefir Grains, Ginger Beer Plants, Water Crystals and kombucha mushrooms

  Milk  Ferments like  Kefir offer excellent probiotic and functional food health. The bacteria (LAB) rely upon the lactose (milk sugar) to ferment milk

Water crystals, Ginger beer Plant,Water Kefir, Tibicos,

Lactose intolerant ?  

Consider  Lacto-Ferment (LAB) . Named after the Lactobacillus bacteria with such popular ferments as Ginger Beer (right)  Japanese Water Crystals and Water Kefir Grains (left) and even added to Kombucha.

Real Ginger Beer Plant 

Add your favorite herbs, spices, fruits or vegetables to your Kombucha, Kefir, Yogurts, and  Lacto-Ferments like ginger Beer. Not only can you enjoy a tasty beverage but obtain Healthy & Longevity naturally.

The easiest way is simply to get started. Then add herbs and spices as you feel necessary. If you are not sure, or have a plaguing  health concern feel free to email us, or better complete the Free Online Health questionnaire  which will help determine the Traditional Chinese Medicine pattern that best describes your condition and help to determine a recommended course of action.



You may have noticed on the store shelves that Kombucha has taken on some exciting and healthful flavors. Adding the benefit of herbs and spices is easy. You don't need much. Most of the time less than 5% of the juice or extract is needed. You can use most any of the juices right off the store shelf, or make your own from your backyard. Browse our free online library for a guide. You can also contact us anytime for help email is the bet Below is just a few of our favorites and why we recommend them.

: $14.95
Elderberries makes fine wine, jellies and great kombucha tea and a healthy beverage
free shipping
our essiac tea in pre-measured extra large t bags
essiac tea organic
: $14.95
essiac tea  organic
Packaged in 4 one-ounce extra large t-bags. Convenient and easy to use.
free shipping
Ginger Beer Plant
: $19.95
Ginger Beer Plant
Make your own Ginger Beer or Soda the whole family can enjoy. Probiotic Health Beverage. Not the same as Water Crystals!
free shipping
Ginger Dried
: $6.95
Ginger Dried
Sliced and Dried Ginger Root
free shipping
Ginseng Red Korean Powder
: $15.95
Ginseng Red Korean Powder
1/4 Pound (4 ounces) 120 grams
cayenne extract
Ginseng Siberian
: $14.95
Ginseng Siberian
Eleuthero Ginseng Siberian Ginseng - secret Olympian elixir. 4 oz (120 grams)
free shipping
hibiscus and kombucha tea
: $5.95
Hibiscus makes fine wine, jellies and great kombucha tea and a healthy beverage
free shipping
HO 9 Granules, Liver Kampo - TO9, Xai Chai Hu Tang, Sho-saiko-to, SST
: $24.95 HO9 Granules 14 Single -dose packages
HO 9 Granules, Liver Kampo - TO9, Xai Chai Hu Tang, Sho-saiko-to, SST
HO 9 Granules the same herbal formula as SST, TO9, Sho-saiko-to, and Xaio Chai Hu Tang except in a more bio-available granule form. Single dose package. Tear open and dissolve in a glass of warm water.
Gynostemma pentaphyllum
Jiao Gu Lan (Gynostemma)
: $14.95
Jiao Gu Lan (Gynostemma)
Jiaogulan, Gynostemma is the Chinese herb of Immortality 4 ounce bulk weight
free shipping
Kombucha D1 Drops Homeopathic Liquid
: 50% Sale Hahnemann's Birthday only $9.95
Kombucha D1 Drops Homeopathic Liquid
Homeopathic Preparation **** FREE SHIPPING on this product (15 ml) 1/2 fl oz European Dropper Bottle. Great for traveling. Alcohol Free
free shipping
Kombucha Mushroom Extract + Coral Calcium
: Reg Price $42.95 NOW $$32.95
Kombucha Mushroom  Extract + Coral Calcium
50 day supply, Kombucha Mushroom Extrcat,. 1,000 mg Coral Calcium,
Monthly Ease Liquid Rx
: $29.95
Monthly Ease Liquid Rx
Gui Zhi Fu Ling, Cinnamon and Hoelen prescription strength Keishi-bukuryo-gan. 30 Ml (one ounce) dropper bottle
Pure MSM
: $14.95
Methylsulfonylmethane. Pure MSM Powder 4 oz. We add no fillers, no binders, no additives.
free shipping
SST (Sho Saiko To) Capsules
List Price: $59.95
: $39.95
You Save: $20.00 (33 %)
SST (Sho Saiko To) Capsules
The All Natural Prescription-Strength Liver Remedy From Japan . GMP certified quality produced under strict guidelines to eliminate all contaminants..
Yerba Mate
: $6.95
Yerba Mate
South American Health Elixir. Great for Kombucha Tea
Jun Starter Kit
: $19.95
Jun Starter Kit
Jun is fermented Tea and Honey. Very similar to Kombucha and Mead. A powerful probiotic, digestive aid and food. Very low in alcohol. Generally less than 1% Our Jun is a Lactobacillus Bacteria Ferment
red brus rooibos tea
St John's Wort Hypercin
: $9.95
St John's Wort  Hypercin
ST John's Wort The number one doctor-recommended medication in Germany for the treatment of depression. A very nice cup of tea.
Supoer Hot cayenne
Cayenne 160,000 HU
: $9.95
Cayenne 160,000 HU
Super Hot Stuff. Powder 4 ounces. 120 grams. Cayenne rapidly stimulates the circulatory system and deliver fresh blood and nutrients to the heart and other organs. When used properly, cayenne opens up capillaries allowing vitalized blood to reach areas th
free shipping


Ed utilizes the Six Stages of Diseases, common to TCM and Homotoxicology, as well as the theory of Pleomorphism to his understanding of the progression of diseases and the return to health. Natural herbal medicine and homeopathy offers a well established proven avenue for common everyday disorders as well as serious maladies. They continue to be extremely safe and effective for new-born babies, children and seniors. Sports injuries have always been treated with natural medicine and herbs - only due to nefarious reasons, steroids and pharmaceuticals becoming prominent during the last decades.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diet and Life-style are critical to optimum health. Food is your medicine and your medicine your food. Simple care along with simply food is the best method to regain and maintain one's health.  We do not accept the Standard American Diet as endorsed by the American Medical Association or the American Food and Drug Administration as legitimate. The use of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical stabilizers, preservatives, food coloring and enhancers do not add value to our food - they subsidize privileged corporations who do not know how to farm and do threaten our children's health.

We offer viable health alternatives to harsh chemicals, synthetic drugs, and to synthetic "natural" herbs.  We believe that isolated, standardized, concentrated single components of a natural herb are drugs (phyto-pharmaceuticals).

Please consider simple whole food pro-biotics; Kombucha Tea, Kefir, Caspian Sea Yogurt, Viili, Tibicos and Japanese Water Crystals. We also offer other whole food recipes in our library that are all simple and easy to make at home.

Probiotics are Functional Foods. these foods, aid the Stomach to better digest food and assists the Spleen to deliver nutrition. aids the Liver to remove toxins and accumulations from the body. When your digestion and elimination are good your health is good. Probiotics aid the Heart and Calm the Spirit, so one may rest easily and think clearly. Probiotics open the Lungs so one breathes freely and regain lost energy. Diet (probiotics) and lifestyle is the simplest, easiest most economical way of restoring and maintaining your health.

We believe when intervention is necessary that your first choice of medical attention should be what will benefit the body most. Herbs and homeopathics offer a short-term intervention that very often work and work well. We do believe that western allopathic medicine is vital to health and may be absolutely necessary and should not be avoided. One must make an informed choice.

Our probiotics are alive and healthy. They will continue to grow, reproduce and prosper. in a true symbiotic relationship our bodies will continue to grow, reproduce and prosper. You will not only achieve good health yourself but be able to pass along these blessings to your family and friends.

Probiotics: Pro meaning in favor of and biotic means life. Probiotic means in favor of life. Antibiotic, means anti-life. the familiar western medicinal means just the opposite as probiotic. The entire rationale of allopathic medicine:  allo means opposite. Poison, burn or cut out the disease;  Homeopathic means Homeo = same. To heal the same as the body would heal.

Kombucha  = SCOBY: Serendipitous  Culture OF Bacteria and Yeast
Known around the world as a health drink  A few of the more common names for KOMBUCHA; Kombuchal, Gerbstoffe, Combucha, Kum-Cha, Fungus japonicas, Fungojapon, Indo-Japanese tea fungus, Pichia fermentans, Cembuya orientalis, Combuchu, Tschambucco, cembuya, Volga spring, Mo-Gu, Champignon de longue vie, Tea Kvas, Teakwass, Kwassan, Kargasok, Kocha kinoko, anywhere you go this Manchurian Mushroom tea gives a long and merry life. Kombucha Tea is a simply made with water, sugar, tea and the kombucha probiotic. The ancient Chinese referred to kombucha mushroom tea as the Elixir of Life. Today it is known more as a pre probiotic.


Specifically Kombucha mushroom tea is a pre probiotic in a real sense that the tea contains numerous beneficial bacteria, acids and yeasts that aid our bodies on a great many levels. I refer to it as a pre probiotic as kombucha is more transient and does not stay as long as the more robust probiotics like kefir, viil, tibi and Caspian Sea Yoghurts. These are simply made with fresh milk, fruit juice, or even water and sugar. No special equipment or cooking required.  Both my 4 year and 1 year old will drink these and even ask for them !


Kefir and kombucha are both known as the Tibetan Mushroom. probably due to the legendary health benefits that both these fermented foods produce.  Kombucha also spelled as Kombu-cha or translated to the Japanese as Kombu (seaweed) and Cha (tea) is commonly confused with the Japanese Water Crystals (Tibi) which itself is very similar to Kefir Grains. Japanese Water Grains are normally fermented in water (or juice) and sugar and kefir Grains in Milk. Kombucha is fermented in water, tea and sugar. Each offer a unique presentation to health and a tasty beverage, yet are distinct.  Western science does not agree on how these probiotics work, or even that they do work at all. It may be that they are each loaded with a host of beneficial nutrients or their particular acid / alkaline balancing abilities as espoused by western medical doctors like Dr Rudolph Sklenar or Dr Robert Barefoot. Or a deeper often misunderstood theories of homeopathy (Homotoxicology) and Traditional Chinese Medicine,  yin yang theory that predates western Acid Alkaline theory by thousands of years.  


As a pro biotic: Acidic kombucha, pH 2-3.5 aids the Stomach (both in the TCM and western sense) in the breakdown and digestion of food ingested.  Beneficial bacteria and yeasts, that comprise the Live K-T or Pressed Extract (as opposed to pasteurized, neutralized, alcoholic or dead kombucha) compete with and help remove (suppress) harmful bacteria, yeast, and parasites. (Probably why Candia sufferers can drink K-T). Then due to the synergism of the stomach acids and kombucha, the transformed alkaline kombucha pH 7+, aids the Spleen (function in TCM), intestines, gall bladder and pancreas (function in western speak) in metabolizing and distributing that digest throughout the body. Thus kombucha truly holistically balances and harmonizes the body.


The actual pH of the body changes. As researched recently by Dr Barefoot (Calcium Factor) and earlier by the Germans "Kombuchal"  see German Reichspatent 538 028 online in both the original German and an English translation offered by Harald Tietz and others. 


In China Kombucha has been referred to as the "Elixir of Life" in the west it is commonly called a SCOBY: Symbiotic Culture OF Bacteria and Yeast. IMO, the symbiosis is not between the bacteria and yeasts but between the kombucha ferment and me.  This is one explanation why kombucha works for some and not for others. Kombucha simply makes your body healthier by enabling better assimilation of food, drink and thoughts.

According to scientist and author Robert Barefoot, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer and 200 degenerative diseases have been linked to acidic body fluids. Robert Barefoot has recommended Coral Calcium with Kombucha Tea.  Coral Calcium Ultra helps prefect the alkaline pH balance and strengthen bone mass. Derived from the Okinawa Coral Reef, it is fortified with vitamin C, vitamin D, and Magnesium to bring you the most complete calcium mineral blend available today.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


To your health and longevity,


Ed & Sue Kasper and family

516 Alliance Circle

Cary, NC. 27519


In a place called Harmony.


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