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Five Pack.  5 bottles of 16.9 fluid ounces. (500 ml) 
Available in 6 selected teas. Our teas are  chosen for the unique property and attributes that each tea contributes to health and longevity. (see below). 
Mix and Match: Use our comment section and we'll oblige your whims. 
Each bottle of our Organic Raw Kombucha, is a live bio-active probiotic that restores, revitalizes, and rejuvenates. This magical mushroom (SCOBY)  tea is created by the synergy of  Gluconacetobacter (bacteria) and Zygosaccharomyces and Torulaspora delbrueckii (yeasts), sugar, pure water and our specific tea.

Your  choice of tea may allow you to focus your goal in a certain direction. As well as achieve a personal taste sensation. 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Clears the Head, Refreshes The Mind, Relieves Thirst and Restlessness, Resolves Phlegm and fatty deposits, Promotes Digestion, Activates Blood. Opens the acupuncture channels.  Its nature is Cooling, and acts as a diuretic and astringent. Green Tea is more cooling than Black tea, which is considered neutral and usually recommended during winter.  Not all kombucha tea is equal. Besides the taste the benefits may vary greatly for example the ratio of acetic acid to glucuronic acid.
Here are our Flavors.
Our Traditional Organic Kombucha Tea is made with our Organic Blend a ratio of black tea (2) and green tea (3). Black tea produces a higher overall percentage of beneficial acids, notable purine. While Green tea tends to produce a higher ratio of Gluconic to Acetic acid.  The result will not sour quite the same as black but the acidity will still be comparable. The combination of both makes an excellent taste and brew  composition.  Produces the more traditional apple-cidery taste In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it benefits the Kidney Energy and the Water Element.

Dragon Pearl Tea ( Mo Li Long Zhu) is a beautiful bouquet of jasmine flowers. In TCM jasmine enhances both green teas cooling and relaxing benefits as well as Kombucha?s own clearing affect. The result is a rare enjoyment of relaxation even in a too-busy world. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it benefits the Liver Energy and the Wood Element. 


Rooibos Tea is an herbal tea from South Africa with respected health benefits; high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, allergic diseases, various dermatus diseases, liver diseases and cataracts.  The taste is reminiscing of Thai Ice Tea and is uplifting, energetic and best of all caffeine free. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it benefits the Heart Energy and the Fire Element. 


Royal Pu-erh. TCM traditionally uses this tea after heavy meals to aid digestion and relieve stagnation. Common for weight loss and hangover. The French (Study) discovered that 3 cups a day of this tea lowered cholesterol as effective as prescription drugs - and without side effects. When made with kombucha, bones and joints don?t seem to squeak as much. Our Pu-erh is Grade A and aged 4 years (highest grade and well aged) which means the taste is smoother and robust. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it benefits the Spleen/Stomach Energy and the Earth Element. 


Silver Needle White Hair is the most tender new growth leaf and the least processed of all teas. A world famous exquisite tea. Highest in antioxidants and highest in medicinal value (Japanese Study). The light delicate flavor offers a true champagne of kombucha tea. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  it benefits the Lung Energy and the Metal Element. 


Cayenne  Here we brew Kombucha Mushroom Tea with 160,000 HU Cayenne. Dr. Christopher and later Richard Schultz report that the cayenne benefit both the heart and the health of the entire circulatory system. Dr. Christopher, believed that cayenne pepper delivers vital nutrients directly to the heart within seconds of proper use. He utilized the stimulating effects of cayenne to restore proper function to the heart in heart attack cases. According to TCM, Cayenne is well suited for for DEFICIENCY conditions, with a focus on the Fire and Earth Element. Cayenne focuses on the Spleen's energy and to break through stagnations arising from a deficiency. Symptoms include: Deficiency of energy and lowered body resistance. Emaciation, listlessness, lassitude, shortness of breath, pallor, insomnia, poor memory, spontaneous and night sweating. Organic 160,000 HU Cayenne Pepper Extract 


NEW Our organic Green Super Food blend is a synergistic blend of potent certified organic green plant foods. It is a complete green supplement hand alkalizing superfood packaged with all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that our bodies need to encourage optimum health and well being. Each ingredient is grown, harvested, and packaged to meet our high quality standards. 

Independent Lab analyses of our Kombucha Mushrooms 

Analysis  of what is in the average Kombucha Ferment and How to make your own Kombucha Mushroom Tea  safely at home - with toll free support

 At this time our Kombucha Tea is the only know cure for EBS.

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Our Happy Herbalist Kombucha Tea is exclusively brewed and crafted with specially selected sugars and teas for their unique character, taste and health benefits. Bio-Active Probiotic of beneficial bacteria, yeasts, acids and nutrients.

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