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Kefir Live Grains.

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Live Kefir Grains
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Item Number: KefirGrains
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Contains: Our own Kefir Grains - enough to make 1-2 cups of Kefir per day. These Grains will grow and multiple. We also include phone and email support as well as our own 39 page guide.  Use with any milk. Right out of the fridge, no heating or cooking required. Guaranteed Success.
Basic Kefir Recipe:
Place the grains in any glass of milk, set on the counter and the next day you have KEFIR !  Simple, Easy, Healthy.
Guanteed healthy and your complete satisfaction.
We ship worldwide - except Australia (no kombucha/ milk probiotics allowed)
Make smoothies, spreads, cheeses, beauty aids. Extras can be eaten, given away, or lots of other things. Please refer to our book for great ideas.
Online help and pictures showing How-To-kefir at  


Similar to kombucha and other fermented foods, Kefir is a symbiosis of many beneficial probiotic bacteria and yeasts which form grains of pop-corn like structures. True functional food that helps rebalance and re-establish a healthy flora. During the fermentation process (usually 12-24 hours) the Kefir Grains changes normal milk into healthy living food. A Probiotic many times the factor of store bought yogurt, kefir or probiotics in capsule form.  It is not recommended to take Kefir at same time that one takes antibiotics, as kefir (pro; in favor of, biotic: life) will weaken the overall effect of the antibiotic (anti; against, biotic; life). Kefir and other probiotics are highly recommended right before and right after any antibiotics or vaccinations.
The gift of the Prophet, as people from the Caucasus referred to these grains as they enjoyed a full life expectancy between 110 - 150 years old. 
Kefir is also known as Snow lotus and as the Tibetan mushroom. which may cause confusion for some folks as the  kombucha mushroom is also known as the Tibetan Mushrooms as well as the Manchurian Mushroom (and a host of other names).  our Kefir grains are similar to - but not the same as - Japanese Water Crystals, or Tibi and will produce a refreshing healthy beverage using just water (or juice) and sugar.

We ship out 2 spoonfuls of our live kefir grains, enough to make 2 cups of kefir. Unlike the powdered kefir granules our Live Kefir Grains will continue to grow and multiply and almost double in size within 2 months. You also receive our instructions. 

No cooking or messy preparation is required. Cold milk right from the fridge may be used and all one needs to do is to strain the kefir. The strained part (kefir) is then drunk or eaten. Flavor freely with fruits and cereals. The other part is re-capturing the Kefir Grains. To do this the kefir when ready is simply poured through a strainer. Being careful not to lose the baby kefir grains down the drain. We offer extra large muslin culinary bags that the kefir grains can be suspended in and then just pull out and place in a fresh glass of milk :)) The Kefir Grains are then added to a new glass of fresh milk and covered for 17-24 hours.  kefir is fermented at a extremely wide temperature range - between 39 F-10° F   4 C to 40 C) However, a consistent reliable temperature is optimal. At warmer temperatures the Kefir reproduces much faster. Our 17 watt heating mats are ideal for this :))


For Diabetics or Low Carbohydrate watchers or those lactose intolerant there is a no-fridge method. This is achieved by storing freshly strained kefir in a sealed container and left at room temperature to ripen [or mature] for a few days. Similar to how kefir was stored by the original kefir-cultures of Caucasus, This method produces kefir with lots of FIZZ!  Caution as Fermenting Glass jars may explode. Should not be done where small children are present. Freshly strained kefir may be placed in a clean glass [or plastic] bottle, stored at room temperature for up to one week or longer in cool climates, or for up to 3 to 4 days in warmer climates.


Depending on the fermentation process, fermentation temperature, time and type of culture used, the alcohol content of Kefir will vary from 0.06 % (Marshall 1984), up to a maximum of 3% alcohol. The average alcohol content in home brewing is around 0.5% with a loose lid and 1% in an airtight jar. Shaking the fermentation container during the fermentation time also results in higher alcohol content. Using a cloth or paper covering reduces the alcohol amount.


Kefir supplies high-quality protein and calcium, rich mineral content and lowered salt content which may help reduce the chances of bone fractures, strokes and osteoporosis, which are major causes of elderly people becoming bedridden. The Vice President for Education at the American Institute for Cancer Research concluded  "The thousands of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (beneficial plant compounds) in whole foods act synergistically together to create a more powerful effect than the sum of their parts, producing a result which cannot be recreated by supplements." Although a vitamin and mineral formula (like our Liquid Life Complete, which is a powerhouse of all the nutrients imaginable, can not complete with real whole foods - like our Kefir and Caspian Sea Yogurt and to a lesser degree our Kombucha Mushroom Tea.

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How to make Kefir Pictures & Easy Directions

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Best Grains!
Alex Watts (San Diego, CA) 11/18/2015 2:47 PM
I've bought kefir grains from several online sources, and the ones from the Happy Herbalist were by far the best - very easy to grow, and they produced the best tasting kefir. Thank you!
friends for life
Peter Oleary (Barboursville, WV) 8/30/2011 8:52 AM
My new friends are doing great, I've had them for 2 weeks now and they have been growing to 6x their origional size within a week. And after years of rarely drinking milk, I find myself having atleast a glass or two a day! This is also the one "healthy food" that my wife really enjoys, she loves it after a 2nd ferment in a sealed jar, nice and fizzy! And I love the many uses it has,.. cream or soft cheese, a beauty product, you can eat the grains (if you can handle it) and its a fun hobby. I love my Kefir so much I even took them on a 700 mile road trip with me. Dehydrated milk, water bottles and a mason jar. Thank you very much for the healthy grains, a great product and super info! You share a wonderfull gift!
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