Kombucha Mushroom Traditional Organic SCOBY Starter Culture

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Traditional Organic Kombucha Mushroom Starter Culture and Tea.

Start off making 1 - 2 Gallons of Kombucha Tea. 

Our Chateau Kombucha. is wild bacteria and yeasts fermented in organic sugar and our blended organic black and organic green tea. This strain travels well and enjoys the widest appeal. Produces a respectable apple-cider, slightly carbonated, refreshing Kombucha.

contains:  Large 6 inch wide by 1/4 inch thick organic kombucha mushroom culture (SCOBY) and one cup liquid starter tea. Guaranteed to produce a healthy Kombucha Mushroom Tea the very first time. Plus our 77 page Kombucha 3.0 Brewing Guide.  Loaded with How to information and everything you need to produce Safe & Healthy Kombucha Tea.

We guarantee your success.

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Is my Kombucha Tea safe to drink ? Kombucha Cautions and Safe Brewing article.  

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How to Make Kombucha 

Simply Boil Water, Add Sugar, Add Tea, Add the Kombucha Culture , set aside for 9-14 days, drink when you’re ready. To enhance the flavor and health check out our  Kombucha Brewing Guide article. 

You can make Kombucha Tea using just about any tea (Camellia sinensis ). Lipton, Red Rose, etc, Or choose from a great many organic teas, medicinal herbs and spices. Our free Kombucha 3.0 book lists many options to create your own personal taste and health benefits. 


As a Bonus this week we are adding 4 ounces of our Certified Organic Rooibos Tea. This tea has been popular with kombucha people because it contains no caffeine, has a great taste, ferments well and provides loads of medicinal values. See our BLOG about making a Rooibos Face Mask, Body Splash and Skin enhancer. This week with purchase of our Chateau Kombucha Culture, 4 ounces of Rooibos Tea is only $1.95 


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GTIN Kombucha Mushroom Culture
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Large 6 inch Organic Kombucha SCOBY Starter Culture . Guaranteed Since 1997.
Kombucha Mushroom Culture Starter Kits. Beautiful SCOBIES. Get the best SCOBY to make the greatest Kombucha Tea Eve
Kombucha Mother produces a new baby SCOBY on top.
The Kombucha mushroom or gelatinous gel that forms on the top of the brew produced during this process is fondly referred to as a SCOBY, or MOTHER. Mother being used to differentiate between the original SCOBY and the new SCOBY that is produced typically each brewing cycle.
HappyHerbalist Free Kombucha Brewing Guide. 30 years online. Practical  and Problem solving. 77 pages indexed , problem solving  and suggestions for natural healing combing kombucha and teas, herbs and spices. Natural Remedy.