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I selected some products and ideas that have worked for some people in my clinic. As Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) Herbalist I believe that your health is deeply rooted in your own diet and life-style. In my opinion the number fact is stress. Both mental and physical. My advice. Be Happy.

As in almost all diet aids, 8-10 pounds may come off very quickly. This is mostly the result of diuretics which expel water from the body and most of the lost weight is water. It also just as easy and quickly comes back 

Kombucha Mushroom Tea. You can make this tea yourself, buy it already made or as a convenient extract. We developed many strains of this “miracle fungus” but the Tibetan Pu-erh Mushroom extract is specific for loosing weight, and lowering cholesterol levels.  Kombucha tea tastes a little like apple-beer or apple cider. A semi-sweet sparkling drink.  Slightly Acetic (with a pH around 3.0) it actually is an Alkaline Forming food for your body. Kombucha tea works by re-balancing and returning your digestion to a healthy state. Poor digestion and assimilation may be the root cause of over weight and numerous other diseases. Drink 4-8 ounces per day 30 minutes before meals to lose weight. You’ll also find you have more energy as well.  Kombucha does not just take weight off. You may actually gain weight if that is really what your body needs. A large frame person should weight more than a small thin elderly person.

Also consider the Fat Burning Soup. A recipe developed for people before going into surgery. Loose up to 17 pounds safely within one week. This is not intended to be used every day for long term just to quickly and safely reduce some weight.

Saying again as a TCMHerbalist I believe diet and life-style are crucial to one's health. However, after one has exhausted all the fads and diets and has lived a good life it may be indicative of a deeper disorder. TCM's herbal intervention may offer significant help in those cases

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