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I selected some products and ideas that have worked for some people in my clinic. As a Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbalist I believe that your health is deeply rooted in your own diet and life-style. As in almost all diet aids, 8-10 pounds may come off very quickly. This is mostly the result of diuretics which expel water from the body and most of the lost weight is water. It also just as easy and quickly comes back L


The Rockland Corporation's Liquid Life Night Time Diet supports a healthy diet without the use of harmful stimulants. Simple and easy. Just take 3 hours after eating and before bedtime. For real results I found that most people have to take this product for at least 3 months. However the weight is expected to stay off with a good diet and exercise program.


TRC also offers appetite suppression. Hoodia. This product is immensely popular. Seen in newspapers, TV, radio and thousands of spam. TRC has balanced Hoodia with Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Extract, antioxidants, and minerals to keep your body fueled so your energy is not depleted. Many people report feeling an immediate effect. Others may take one week. You lose weight because you do not feel the need the eat anymore.


Kombucha Mushroom Tea. You can make this tea yourself, buy it already made or as a convenient extract. We developed many strains of this “miracle fungus” but the Tibetan Pu-erh Mushroom is specific for loosing weight, and lowering cholesterol levels.  Kombucha tea tastes a little like apple-beer or apple cider. A semi-sweet sparkling drink.  Slightly Acetic (with a pH around 3.0) it actually is an Alkaline Forming food for your body. Kombucha tea works by re-balancing and returning your digestion to a healthy state. Poor digestion and assimilation may be the root cause of over weight and numerous other diseases. Drink 4-8 ounces per day 30 minutes before meals to lose weight. You’ll also find you have more energy as well.  Kombucha does not just take weight off. You may actually gain weight if that is really what your body needs. A large frame person should weight more than a small thin elderly person.


HappyHerbalist pure tea extract. We extract premium quality and organic teas. Choose our Silver Needle White Hair, Tibetan Pu-erh, Organic Green and Organic Rooibos teas. Extracted with our own distilled kombucha mushroom vinegar.


Our Royal Tibetan Pu-erh Tea, loose leaf, has been aged 4 years and is Grade A.  This represents a very fine premium pu-erh tea. Both the age and the grade are important considerations when purchasing any pu-erh tea. The taste is superb. Rich and mellow. In a French Study drinking 3-5 cups per day will reduce cholesterol levels significantly (as much as 25% reported) and without any side affects. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to break stagnation and reduce phlegm, used in popular Chinese restaurants to help settle digestion after a large meal.  Ppular in Japan as a diet tea, Fu Tea, which is very similiar to pu-erh teas, has just recently been introduced into the United States, and the results have been very satisfying.

Also consider the Fat Burning Soup. A recipe developed for people before going into surgury. Loose up to 17 pounds safely within one week. This is not intented to be used every day for long term just to quickly and safely reduce some weight.

Saying again as a Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbalist I believe diet and life-style are crucial to one's health. However, after one has exhausted all the fads and diets and has lived a good life it may be indictaive of a deeper disorder. TCM's herbal intervention may offer significant help in those cases. WE offer a free online diagnosis to help understand if a traditonal Chinese herbal remedy could help you.


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Kombucha Mushroom Extract + Coral Calcium
: Reg Price $42.95 NOW $$32.95
Kombucha Mushroom  Extract + Coral Calcium
50 day supply, Kombucha Mushroom Extrcat,. 1,000 mg Coral Calcium,
Fu Tea Special Coin Roll Reduce Blood Fat and High Blood Pressure
: $12.95 Out of Stock
Fu Tea  Special Coin Roll Reduce Blood Fat and High Blood Pressure
Coin Tea. 20 coins per roll, 5 grams each total 100 grams over 3 ounces Vintage 2005
free shipping
Kombucha Mushroom Starter Tibetan Pu-erh
: $35.00
Kombucha Mushroom Starter  Tibetan Pu-erh
This is the easiest kombucha tea to brew, especially for beginners. Made exclusively with our specially aged Royal Tibetan Pu-erh tea. Produces a rich woodsy flavor that is naturally sweet with a smooth rich flavor. Relieves the Qi Stagnation and Phlegm a
free shipping
Shu Mee White Tea Extract
: $19.95
Shu Mee  White Tea Extract
Shu Mee Longevity Eyebrow White Tea one of Highest in Medicinal Benefits and anti-oxidants of all the teas and lowest inn caffeine. 30 ml European Dropper Bottle Great for Traveling.
Liquid Life Night Time Diet
: No Longer Available
Liquid Life Night Time Diet
Just one ounce before bedtime. Fat Metabolizer
Fu Tea Extract
: $24.95
Fu Tea  Extract
Popular Japanese Slimming Tea in our own extract- not available anywhere else.(30 ml) 1 fl oz European Dropper Bottle. Great for traveling.
free shipping
Hoodia Green 600 mg
: Out of Stock
Hoodia Green 600 mg
Natural appetite suppressant while providing energy
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