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Growler CO2  Tap .  Take your favorite Probiotic TOGO. 

Fits standard gallon (128 oz)  or 1/2 gallon (64 oz) Glass Growlers. Glass growlers are readily available for free - after most parties. Apple Cider, Wines, are sold in the gallon jugs - or we have them for sale here. 

* Tap assembly with faucet and CO2 dispenser

* Food Grade CO2 Cartridge (comes with one 16 gram threaded cartridge, option to purchase 5 more)

* OPTIONAL 64 ounce Glass Growler

* Growler Tap fits standard 64 oz (1 /2 Gallon) Glass Growler and 128 oz Growlers (Gallon Size Glass Growler)

Set to the carbonation you enjoy. Leave in the fridge or take TOGO        

Carbonates, Water, Juice, Apple Cider, Whiskey, Wine, Kombucha Tea, Water Kefir, Ginger Beer, and any Probiotic Soda. 

* Uses standard CO2 threaded cartridges.  Typical lasts for 5 refills on the Growler. Your results may vary. When chilled the CO2 stays in the cold liquid, when warm the CO2 is released in the air and dissipates faster. Recommend chilling the filled growler first, shaking, and then pressurizing. Shaking and pressurizing again. But just add pressure with very short bursts. Over-pressurization results in foaming pours and wasted CO2 and liquid. It is a learning process until you achieve the perfect carbonation. Perfect carbonation is a individual choice.    

Travels well. Great at picnics, tail gate parties  -- any party. Nice to have Fresh Bubbly Kombucha anytime anywhere.  

 see more information on Carbonating Home Brew

additional information. 

The TAP is a CO2 cartridge dispenser which infuses your kombucha with CO2 (carbon dioxide) creating the carbonation you love.Typical Kombucha is only slightly carbonated. A second Ferment increases the carbonation BUT also adds alcohol (up to 2-3%). 

Using CO2 cartridges allows good carbonation without adding the alcohol. plus forces the kombucha out of the container without the risk of further fermentation when refrigerated or kept cold.

 How to Carbonate your brew.

Pressure is a function of Time and Temperature. The longer and warmer the temperature the greater the pressure. So leaving a glass bottle with a nice PSI in a closed car for hours on a really hot summer day is not recommended. The glass will probably explode. 

If you fill your growler with a fresh live ferment and cap it, it may continue to ferment and the carbonation and pressure  will increase naturally. IN those cases simply press the tap to fill a glass. When the pressure is toll ow and the brew is flat, simple press the button  to carbonate. When you press the tap and its all foamy, then there's too much carbonation and loosen the cap with a quick release and close back quickly. quickly  to de-pressurize a bit. Keeping the brew cold is recommended and you can serve right from the fridge (or the tailgate. Packed in ice is cool but not necessary. 

see directions for use.


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