Silicone Fermentation Waterless Airlock for Mason Jars Pickle Pipe

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Safe and easy to use. No worry about bottles exploding, Keeps pathogens and pests out. 

Buy just one, or all 5, or buy all 5 with sealing rings. 

 Pickle Pipe AKA: Waterless Airlock, Silicon Fermentation Airlock, Anhydrous Air Lock,  

Fits Wide mouth Mason Jars, secured with standard metal locking ring ( included only with full set of 10 pieces) 

Eliminates the need to Burb.

Pickle Pipe is a piece of silicon with a "bubble" that allows carbonation produced from the ferment to enter and expands the Bubble. If one simply seals an active ferment the  carbonation produced will very likely explode any glass container. The Bubble also allows one to see more precisely how much there is in your ferment 

5 Colors to choose from or get all 5 (set of 5) 

Set of 5 with metal ring (10 piece set) 



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