Paypaya Paw Paw the Medicine Tree by Harald Tietze

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Harald Tietze's  Papaya the Medicine Tree 130 pages of of what you need to know to create your own effective home remedies,  all from one simple fruit that is available everyday from most common local grocery stores.  


Harald Tietze  is a world renowned herbalist and master kombucha brewer. Easy to follow guide using fresh wholesome papaya. Make a variety of tonics and elixirs for specific disorders. Harald also adds colorful and flavorful vinegars and homeopathic remedies, as well as the traditional tinctures and extracts. Lots of simple everyday recipes.


Papaya is excellent with kombucha tea and Harald includes some of his favorite recipes. Also includes the Australian Kombucha House advice on some of their ideas on kombucha and papaya and disorders ranging from cancers to athletic performance. 


Add to your (or ours)  Organic Kombucha Mushroom Tea starter kit or our Pure Distilled Kombucha Mushroom Tea which can be combined with fresh papaya in numerous ways as outlined in Harald's informative book.


Using simple pH test papers (see below) its easy to monitor your own progress.


Another alternative method using Harald?s suggestions is to first ferment the kombucha tea and then to add the specific herbal formula.  This has been quite popular in my clinical practice. See our large selection of herbs that go with your kombucha ferment. If you don't see the herbs you need simply e-mail us and we'll  promptly respond with a quote and our suggestions.


 How to Get Stated Lacto-Fermenting Water Crystals Grains (Water-Kefir) 


How to get started Kombucha Fermenting with our Organic Kombucha Starter Kit 


As always we offer toll free support, text, and email support, and a knowledge and experience from our own California clinical practice.   

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Table of Contents Contents Introduction What Kind of Plant is this Tropical Tree? The Best Known Varieties of Papaya Fruits The Relatives of Papaya Paw Paw and Papaya Papaya Production Genetically Manipulated Papaya Papaya as an Indoor Plant Papaya - A Traditional Medicine Plant of the Australian Aborigines? Jose Perko, a Papaya Pioneer Conservation of Papaya Drying Wine Lactic Acid Fermentation Food as Medicine Papaya - Nature's medicine for the taste bud's pleasure Recipes The Medicine Tree Why is Papaya a Medicinal Plant? Can Papain be used for Diet Sins? Does Papaya have Negative Side-Effects? Papaya - Active in a Wide Range of pH. Birth Control Using Papaya 12 Points on Mature Green Papaya Papaya as Medicine Illnesses and Their Traditional Treatment with Papaya Home Made Papaya Medicine Papaya Tea Papaya Powder Skin Extract (in water) Papaya Oil Papaya Leaves and Fruit Skin Compresses Pickled Papaya in Salt Pickled Papaya in Vinegar Papaya Vinegar Bathing in Papaya Vinegar Compresses with Papaya Vinegar Papaya Tincture Homeopathic Papaya How to make homeopathic medicine Latex Papaya leaf extract Papaya Flower Essence Papaya for Beauty Home Made Papaya Cosmetics Other uses of Papaya Papaya and Spirituality

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