Mini Press Herbs, Fruits, Kombucha

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Make your own Kombucha Extract. Press herbs, spices, fruits. Make fresh pure fruit juice. Press Kefir into cheese. 

Our Mini-press is made of food grade enamel and stainless steel for long life. You can use it to produce your own pure pressed kombucha extract. Use either the fat juicy mushrooms or the young clear baby mushrooms. This pure extract contains all the nutrient and health benefits associated with kombucha mushroom tea without as much of the alcohol or sugar in the typical ferment. Does not need refrigeration but will continue to ferment and may create another baby if left unattended. See our kombucha recipe guide (comes along with each unit) simply shake a few drops into a glass of warm water or a spoonful into a water bottle and sip throughout the day. Add to other health vinegars and edible oils. Add to sparkling mineral water or better your own fresh pressed fruit juice. Press any soft fresh fruit; peaches, grapes, apples. Use the fresh pressed fruit with your fresh probiotics - kefir, Caspian Sea Yogurt, villi, Kombucha Tea, Use for making Ginger Beer, Apple Beer, Apple cider and vinegar, Water de kefir. To your healthy and creativity.

The press itself is coated with a food grade painted enamel. The basket is stainless steel. Size 12 x 12. 

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