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Milk Kefir - guaranteed to produce healthy tasty great kefir.*  Our grains are alive, never frozen or dried.  

One spoonful of our Live Milk Kefir Grains.  ( AKA Bulgaria Grains) makes 1-2 Cups of Milk Kefir Daily. (after following our SimpleStart recipe) 

Why are bacteria so bad at math?

Because they multiply by dividing

Happy Herbalist's Prized Live Milk Kefir Grains

* No risk: Money Back Guarantee .. do not throw away anything until you confer with us. 

Many thanks to the good doctor Eric Berg ( for his kind words on his show. 

What is kefir?

Kefir GRAINS or seeds, as they’re sometimes called, contain Billions of probiotic lactobacillus bacteria per gram that form small clusters or colonies of Grains (seeds) that have been used for centuries to make our food safe & healthy. 

Kefir GRAINS (seeds) are like pieces of rice or popcorn. or small pieces of tiny cauliflower Ferments milk into kefir.

KEFIR is the fermented milk, harvested at the right time of your choosing. 

To produce 1 cup (250 ml) of Kefir it takes about 2-5 grams  kefir grains/seeds at a proportion of 2–5% grains-to-milk. A teaspoon of kefir grains contains roughly 4.2 grams. Depending upon how active the kefir grains/seeds are one teaspoon may produce 1-2 cups of kefir on a daily bases -grow and multiply - forever!

Kefir is a ongoing, continuous ferment. Starts with milk then kefir then curds & whey and then cheese. You choose when its right for you. There are variables such as Time, Temperature, ratio of grains to milk, type of milk and personal preferences. Unlike store bought kefir, which is neutered, treated,  and altered to stay "frozen" in time in taste and texture, living, live Kefir Grains are all natural and continues to ferment through all its phases and each phase is healthy and beneficial - without any additives, chemicals or alterations. Just natural functional real food. Live Kefir Grains will continue to produce more and more Kefir - FOREVER !

What you receive

Natural live - never frozen or dehydrated - Kefir GRAINS (seeds) Shipped in heat sealed food grade plastic and unconditionally guaranteed* to produce healthy Kefir.

Contains: Enough to make 1-2 cups of Kefir. As they grow and multiple it will continue to make more + more kefir for a lifetime.

These Grains will grow and multiple. After you confirmed our Grains are alive and working then you can use with any milk, right from the fridge, no heating or cooking required. Raw milk or Goats milk is great (sometimes a bit lumpy). Coconut Milk, Almond and Nut Milk all work, but the Kefir Grains may get a bit sluggish and need to be refreshed back with some regular milk. All milks are different as are all milk substitutes. see details in our free eBook Milk Ferments

Our Simple Start Recipe Guide. 

Add to your cart our Free Download  MILK KEFIR eBook here or read online more about Kefir here

Our Stainless Steel Tea Balls makes fermenting Kefir a breeze. Simply add the Kefir Grains / Seeds into the mesh tea ball. Dunk or stir the tea ball in the milk to be fermented. Leave the tea balls in the ferment and cover with a cloth or paper cover. Easy to check on your ferment by using the tea ball to dunk or stir. When your ferment is ready simply remove the tea ball and place into another glass of milk for the next ferment. No need to search for the grains, or to rinse. Your glass of Kefir is ready to drink and with our Deluxe Kefir Set has a nice handy handle along with a plastic lid to save your kefir for later if you wish. Makes a nice gift as well. To those that say "don't let them dare touch metal ... the food industry standard for milk, cheese KEFIR and most all if not all foods is Stainless Steel


Visit our Kefir Support Page 

Guaranteed Success.*  Includes text support 919-518-3336 and email support. 

Any concerns, feel its not working text or email and send a picture. 99% of the time we get it going. 100% of the time we help. 

Lactose intolerant?  Our hungry kefir feeds on lactose  (milk sugar). Just a little patience and voila - real healthy milk kefir.

Our 30 Page Kefir Guide available as a PDF Online (free download) with recipes from doin a simple start and daily maintenance to what to do when you escape on that much needed vacation. To making Kefir smoothies or making easy overnight Kefir cheese spreads and kefir hard cheese's. How about adding fresh fruits? Make Kefir Beer! or serve your own personalized Kefir vinegar. 

Which milk to use to start?

* To Start and to confirm our Kefir is healthy please use Whole Milk.
Whole Milk - Vitamin D - Pasteurized - Homogenized is all Whole Cow Milk.

Whole Milk. Available at your local grocery stores and cows everywhere.

**If at all possible avoid for now; Goat Milk, Raw Milk, AVOID Ultra Pasteurized Milk, 1%, 2%, Non Fat, Half&Half, Lactose Free, Dry Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Nut Milks. Any of these you can use later, but today its Whole Milk - please. note: all commercial milk is pasteurized - which kills things. But avoid the Ultra Pasteurized as it creates inconsistent ferments. Pasteurized milk leaves the cream at the top - hides the grains and appears to be separating. Homogenized simply blends the cream with the milk more evenly and easier to determine whether Kefir Grains are working or not. Vitamin D is added to all milk for health reasons. Raw milk has "life". Its own life which dose not go "bad" it simply sours and Clabbers almost as if its Kefir. Many brands of Organic Milk contains additives simply to extend shelf life - some for 6 months! Coconut, Rice, Soy and nut milks may be used later but Milk Kefir Grains do their best in real milk with Lactose (milk Sugar)

Kefir will work with the other milks, but for us its very predictable and consistent and faster and easier for us to confirm that our Kefir Grains are healthy and safe.

Not all milk is the same. Same type of milk but different Brands may produce different results as well. To discover the best milk contact your local cheese-making group. They will know which and where to get the best milk to make the best kefir - which really is going from milk to curds and whey and on to cheese from there.


Basic Kefir Recipe: (after confirming our Kefir Grains are alive via our simple Start Recipe) 

Use one teaspoon of Kefir Grains  per cup of milk. 

**Use any milk, right from the fridge. No cooking, preparation or worries. Whole Pasteurized Milk is our recommendation. 

Cover with a cloth, paper towel, coffee filter. 

The warmer the temperature the faster the ferment. The colder the longer it takes. Typically 24-36 hours. 

Good Kefir will be semi-sweet and thicker than milk - more like a milk shake.

Over-fermented kefir separates into Curds (the white portion) and whey (the clear part). Still healthy but sour and not appealing. More details included in our free kefir book or online library. 

When ready remove the grains and drink the kefir.

Place the grains in the fridge until ready to start another batch.

We have published online  our Kefir Recipe and Guide in our Library and Research Center. 


Milk Kefir Versus Water kefir


Water Kefir is different than Milk Kefir, though Milk Kefir Grains may also ferment juices similar to Water Kefir, and Ginger Beer.

All these are classified as LAB ferments. Lactic Acid producing Bacteria. Because these are bacteria as opposed to yeasts they are actually healthier in many ways (though the sugar content must be considered) . Lactic acid is slightly sour and generally pleasant tasting and quite healthy. As are the Lactobacillus bacteria. These ferments are considered Lacto-Soda's as they produce a pleasant sweet drink with slight carbonation and low alcohol.
While Milk Kefir provides significant amounts of protein as well as probiotics and prebiotics, Water Kefir can be a significant probiotic and prebiotic source for vegans and people who are allergic to dairy products. Milk Kefir Grains have more nutritional content compared to Water kefir Grains, although Water Kefir has a wider variety of different microbiological composition. The main beneficial acid (Lactic Acid) is higher in Milk Kefir Grains while Alcohol Levels are Higher in Water Kefir and Ginger Beer. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine Milk Kefir is Yin nourishing and restful. Water Kefir is Yang and energetic especially when combined with Ginseng. In the same class as Water Kefir is Ginger Beer Plant. Ginger Beer is refreshing, energetic (yang) with special attention to the Stomach & Spleen. helping to settle disturbances in the stomach and digestive issues. All these grains are important for their potential health benefits.


What to Feed your Kefir Grains 

With the Incredible healing power of Dutch Dark Cocoa (Chocolate)

Cocoa is a Pre-ProBiotic. Cocoa nourishes and benefits our ProBiotics so they in turn can benefit us. Probiotics like those in Kombucha, Jun, Ginger Beer, and Kefir will all be enhanced and in turn we will be!

According to Dr Mercola Your Gut Bacteria Help Unlock Dark Cocoa’s Anti-Inflammatory and antioxidant Powers, and probiotics are in turn nourished by Cocoa.

The study found your gut bacteria breaks down and ferments the components in dark chocolate, turning them into anti-inflammatory compounds that benefit your heart and health. In particular, Probiotics like Bifidobacterium and LAB bacteria "feasted" on chocolate, and made other foods which we trouble digesting more digestible. and bioavailable to our body.

Chocolate is linked to 40+ Health Benefits.-- Although Milk will reduce the benefits it does not eliminate those benefits. So we recommend Dark chocolate – as high in cacao and as bitter as you can stand. Cocoa is also a Pre-ProBiotic. Meaning it feeds and nourishes the good bacteria in our bodies, like lactobacillus found in in Kefir.




Kefir is a great way to both savor delicious food and feel awesome. Add it to your smoothie, use it for pancakes or just drink it as it is. This superfood is a must-have in your refrigeration. Check this article to learn more about kefir and its benefits.

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