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pH Digital 107

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Applications: In home fermenting - Kombucha, Ginger Beer, Jun, Kefir, Vinegar, Beer, Wine and pickled foods, especially garlic. The State of Minnesota, Department of Argiculture, wrote the Pickle Bill, in an effort to help folks at home and those selling at  farmers market process safe foods. To be on the safe side, home feremnts should have a pH under 4.0 at time of bottling. This is especially important where one is planning on storing their product for a longer period of time. The Pickle Bill recommends the pH be determined by a meter and not to use pH paper.  

other uses
Agriculture, Aquariums, Beer & Wine making, Education, Hydroponics - Nutrient solutions, Pools and Spas, Water quality, Various industrial applications, and  for home health concerns (see below)

Resolution           0.1 pH  for most application reading to the tenths is all you need.

Testing Soil:
Our pH meters cannot determine the pH of soil directly. You should mix 2 parts of distilled water with 1 part of soil. Stir the mixture and allow the soil to settle. Then test the water to get the pH value of your soil.

For testing your urine, and ferments

See: alkaline_acid_balance.htm  and how to maintain the proper pH balance see Buffer pH+  and Kombucha Tea  

Easy To Use

Simply push the switch to the ON position. Stick the end of the meter into your solution. The pH will be shown in the easy to read LCD display.


Even though each meter is calibrated at the factory and checked for quality, You should check the calibration of your pH meter before using it for the 1st time.  Simply cut off the top of the calibration packet, turn on your meter and insert it into the packet. Stir it to remove any air bubbles on the electrode. Use the small screwdriver to turn the trimmer screw on the back of your meter until the display shows 7.0. Rinse the meter in tap water and it's ready to use. For the most accurate readings, you should check the calibration before each use. We include our own suggestions on using common hosehold items like milk and vinagar and tap water to save on expensive calibration fluid which for the most part is not needed. 


The probe (small glass bulb on the tip of the tester) should be kept wet when not in use. Fill the cap with some regular tap water  to keep the probe wet. All pH probes use a cloth junction in the construction of the probe. This cloth is part of the diagnostic process in reading the pH. If the cloth becomes dry the unit will not be able to read.

The classification of kombucha vinegar according to Traditional Chinese  Medicine  is  Sour, Bitter and Warm, and milder than alcohol which is Hot (alcohol contributes to phlegm and stagnation). TCM uses kombucha to break stagnation and to move the blood and Qi. Thus improving circulation and contributing to the general feeling of well-being.

As a Pro-biotic: Acidic kombucha, pH 2-3.5  aids the Stomach (both in the TCM and western sense) in the breakdown and digestion of food ingested.  Beneficial bacteria and yeasts, that comprise the Live K-T or Pressed Extract (as opposed to pasteurized, neutralized, alcoholic or dead kombucha) compete with and help remove (suppress) harmful bacteria, yeast, parasites. (Probably why Candia sufferers can drink K-T). Then due to the synergism of the stomach acids and kombucha (Acid and Alkaline meets Yin and Yang, Herman Aihara ISBN 0-918860-44-x), kombucha transforms into an alkaline forming substance. Now the transformed Alkaline kombucha pH 7+, aids the Spleen (function in TCM), intestines, gall bladder and pancreas (function in western speak) in metabolizing and distributing that digest throughout the body. Thus IMHO, kombucha truly holistically balances & harmonizes the body.

The actual pH of the body changes. As researched recently by Dr Barefoot (Calcium Factor) and earlier by the Germans “Kombuchal”  see German Reichspatent 538 028 online in both the original German and an English translation offered by Harald Tietz and others. 


Additional Information

NOTE: comes with pH Calibration Solution and also Sold Seperately

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