pH Calibration Solution DRY Powder Use with any meter

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NEW Twin Pack Calibration Solution DRY PACKS makes total of 16 ounces solution. 
one package of 4.0 solution
one package of 7.0 solution 
each package makes 8 fluid ounces of solution. Total of 16 ounces. 

We now offer  a dry powder.  You will need to mix with either distilled or de ionized water. You can store the solution in a tightly capped jar. Makes 8 ounces (250 ml) of liquid solution that will keep for up to 4 weeks. These packs are available in either a 4.0, a 7.0  pH calibration.  Complete directions included. Guaranteed Satisfaction as always.

pH Calibration Solution

Use the pink package to calibrate to a pH of 4.0 or the Green Package to 6.86 (at 25C or 77F).

Our pH meters have automatic temperature adjustments (some models) 

Add the contents of one pack into one-cup (8 fl oz. / 250 ml) of water. 

note some of our customers have stated they use 1/2 of the package with 4 fl oz of distilled water and have kept well for several months. Depends upon how accurate to need to be. For maximum accuracy you would calibrate using both the 4 and the 7 packages (see below).

Choose a tall container with a tight fitting lid to store the solution in the fridge to re-use. Although each pack is intended for single use, we found it remains fairly accurate with multiple uses.  To avoid spills when inserting the meter we recommend a 12 oz or larger container. Typically to calibrate a pH meter you only need to use one-fluid ounce of solution in a tall slender glass. Run the pH meter under running water to be sure the bulb or felt pad is clean before using the solution. 

Use a small eye-glass screw driver to adjust the meter. (comes with our pH meter) Rinse well before and after each use.  

For kombucha and other ferments  a reading to the tenths is all that is needed. Often water from the tap reads around 7.0 plus or minus and we believe then no calibration is required (for our purposes).  However, pH meters should be calibrated frequently every 1-4 weeks, or before each test depending upon the demand of the test. Two-point calibration (using both 4.0 & 7.0 buffers) ensures the most accurate calibration possible. Again we have found that just one solution is all that is needed. We recommend the 4.0 for kombucha and other low pH readings, and the 7.0 for testing one’s urine and other alkaline testing. The Solution once they have been used, is no longer sterile and may result in improper readings. Pour a small amount into a shot glass and discard after use. Save the remaining solution in the package by folding over and sealing with a paper clip. The units may be stored in tap water.  Suitable for all makes and models of pH pens and meters

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