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Kombucha Teaology by Harald Tietze

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Harald Tietze  is a world renowned herbalist and master kombucha brewer. In his “Kombucha Teaology”  he easily and clearly explains how to make great tasting kombucha tea with the specific health benefits you may be looking for.


Harald wrote this book a year and a half after his popular “Kombucha Miracle Fungus”. Here he addresses many of the specific questions that he received on how best to make kombucha tea a personal elixir.


In my own Acupuncture and Herbs clinical practice I often create special formulas for my clinics, many of which are based upon the herbs mentioned in “Kombucha Teaology”. For newbie’s just starting out making kombucha for the first time this book offers the basic kombucha recipe and guidelines. Although this book mentions specific herbal remedies that go into the active ferment, your first ferment should be done in the traditional kombucha brew (as Harald explains on the first page. Thereafter I recommend all brewers to always keep one good “pure” kombucha strains going and to always have a nice pure kombucha in reserve in case of unforeseen experiences. Since kombucha so readily replicates in a very short time you will have plenty for experiments and be able o make and save your special elixirs for your family and friends.

Another alternative method using Harald’s suggestions is to first ferment the kombucha tea and then to add the specific herbal formula.  This has been quite popular in my clinical practice. See our large selection of herbs that go with your kombucha ferment. If you don't see the herbs you need simply e-mail us and we';; promply respond with a quote and our suggestions.


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Herbs for adding to your Kombucha for Best Flavor and Maxium Healing

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