Kombucha Miracle Fungus by Harald Tietze

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The fermentation process of Kombucha will retain the characteristics of the tea used. According to some, the fermentation process even highlights the characteristics of the teas. When brewing Kombucha, generally, a very light tea is used. People, who react with  nervousness to common tea, will have this effect increased with Kombucha, even though a lighter tea is used. More beneficial results have also been achieved with herbal tea, for example with rooibos tea. It is similar to products, such as sauerkraut or fermented garlic, where the garlic will retain its effects after fermentation yet without the smell associated with it. This is a great book for herbalist and those who seek simple and tasty health elixirs.
There are thousands of different Kombucha beverages with different effects for healing and taste.

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