Oak Infusion Spiral

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Nice alternative to actually purchasing a cask. These will add value, taste and character to any ferment or aging process.

Mellows and matures Kombucha, Ginger Beer or Kefir Whey. Kombucha Tea, Kombucha Vinegar and Kefir Vinegar.  Turns a good beer to a Great Beer.  A simple vinegar into a fantastic vinegar. Instead of throwing out that sour Kombucha Tea, or Kefir Whey make a vinegar.

American White Oak

Lightly Toasted

Infusion Spiral  8" - 1 Package 

No sapwood, no bark, no knots.

The spiral shape accelerates the extraction time.

For barrel aging of beer, cider, wine, vinegar and whiskey use one stick per 3 gallons for up to 6 months

For kombucha, Ginger Beer or kefir whey the time varies with the intent. If you choose to vinegar your Kombucha, Kefir etc. than the longer time the better, following the outline above. For brewing Kombucha Tea or Ginger Beer for a  better taste profile we recommend adding the stick (or pieces) into the active ferment. The stick or pieces may be re-used.  Keep used pieces in a plastic zip lock and refrigerated. Another method is to add the pieces after your basic ferment when bottling. You can remove the pieces when filtering or racking after your Second Ferment, or Chill-Proofing. Either way just remembers to remove the pieces before serving.  

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