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IO-STAR Iodophor is often used by kombucha home brewers and home wine makers to sanitize equipment and bottles. This feature is important because kombucha and other ferments rely upon the health of specific bacteria and yeasts while still having the necessity to eliminate other either competing bacteria and yeasts and /or pathogenics. This is a major advantage over other sanitizers that may leave toxic residues.

It is also non-toxic to humans and therefore especially suited to food processing applications. It is cheap and effective, but it can leave unattractive orange-brown stains on plastic parts and equipment.

 This 4 ounce container makes 20 gallons of sanitizing solution. Use one tablespoon  per five gallon gallon of pure water for 12.5 ppm)  Equipment to be sanitized should be thoroughly clean and left in contact with the solution for around 30 minutes. Then air-dried. No rinsing is necessary. (not for use in hot water) .

When used continuously as a sanitizing spray on walls and equipment it will reduce or eliminate odors throughout the processing area.IO-STAR is effective against e coli and s s typhosa most yeasts 
may cause staining

 Medical Use [from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia] 

Iodophor formulations are designed to make finished topical solutions more gentle to the skin, therefore also called as 'tamed iodine' and increase its shelf-life. Free iodine is a very powerful cheap germicidal agent and can not be ignored. Free iodine kills the eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells by iodination of lipids and oxidation of compounds in cytoplasm and cell membrane. Unlike antibiotics, microbes do not develop any resistant strains against it. It has irritant action on mucous membrane and corrode the instruments. Inorganic iodine has a great disadvantage of not being easily soluble in water, that is why potassium iodide is added in its tincture and solution preparations. Moreover, iodine also kills live cells of mammals. That is why slow release in smaller concentrations are very important. In iodophores free iodine is released slowly from the carrier molecules and acts as a disinfectant. Therefore, effectiveness of any iodophore depends on active or released free iodine percentage. Percentages greater than 3.5% have no additional advantage. Iodophores have less tendency than inorganic iodine to stain fabric and are less irritating to skin. Povidone-iodine (Betadine?) is an iodophore that is most commonly used as antiseptic and scrubbing agent. Povidone-iodine is an iodine complex with polyvinylpyrolidone (a polymer) that remarkably moderates its adverse properties of staining, instability (shelf-life) and tissue irritation, but it also decrease the bactericidal activity of the iodine. Polyvinylpyrolidone (PVPI) also called as povidone makes iodine water soluble and moderates undesirable effects of inorganic iodine. Povidone itself does not have any germicidal action, it just holds and controls release of inorganic iodine that has a potent germicidal action. Though costlier, inorganic iodine in a Povidone-Iodine complex, an iodophore, has almost replaced tincture of iodine and Lugol's iodine in medical and veterinary practice. It is widely used for wound antisepsis, cleaning of dirty wounds, scrubbing of surgeon's hands, patient's operative area. Many commercial preparations in different concentrations are now available and Betadine a PVPI solution of iodine is one of them.

 Caution: Excessive iodine intake (extended consumption of about 0.75 milligrams per day) can cause iodine goiter, a condition characterized by enlargement of the thyroid gland. One ounce of a 25 ppm iodophor solution contains 0.75 milligrams of iodine. To leave that much sanitizer on your equipment would correspond to very careless technique. In addition, your beer would taste objectionable and the off-flavor would be a good warning sign to pay attention to your sanitation procedures. I suppose the flip side is that if you had 1/10th of an ounce (which is still a pretty fair volume) of residual on beer bottles and drank 10 beers per day you could have the same effect

A powerful safe sanitizer. Reduces spotting, filming and streaking in warm or cold water Specially formulated for brewing sanitation. It's odorless, tasteless and is easy on the hands. No rinsing necessary.

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